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Description of the Bombers winter set: The top of the jacket is made of modern taslan fabric with special coatings that protect not only from water and dirt, but also well remove moisture from the body surface, creating a good microclimate during wear. Insulation: Shelter® Kids 250gr. Modern and environmentally friendly, it provides maximum protection from cold and comfortable heat exchange even under intense loads. Back and chest are additionally insulated with fleece. On the inside of the jacket there is a snow-protective skirt with latex elastic. 2 lower outer pockets with buttons, 1 inner pocket with Velcro. On the collar, a protective strip against chin pinch. The zip of the jacket is covered with a windproof strip. Sleeves with elastic with additional adjustment with Velcro. Removable artificial fur. Reflectors: branded stripes and piping. Bib with back (98-110 r-ry), Pants without back (116-128 r- ry), elasticated straps, removable. Upper fabric: Membrane 5000/5000 (breathable / waterproof) Reinforced knees, inner leg. Insulation: Shelter® Kids 150 g. Lining: taffeta. Adjustable shoulder straps Latex cuffs to prevent scuffing. Reflectors. Temperature range + 5 to -25 Kits are bigger +4 There are volume discounts.
USD 36.59/pcs 36.59
Jacket: Top fabric: Taslan PU Milky with special coatings that protect not only from water and dirt, but also remove moisture well from the surface of the body, creating a good microclimate when worn. Insulation: Shelter® Kids 100 g. Modern and environmentally friendly provides maximum protection against the cold and comfortable heat transfer even under intense loads. Lining: cotton, taffeta. The detachable hood is adjustable by clips. 2 lower external pockets on buttons, 1 internal pocket on a flypaper. Zip closure with anti-pinch and windproof Velcro strap. The width of the bottom is adjustable cord with clamps Pants without back (sizes: 116,122,128) Upper fabric: Membrane 5000/5000 (breathability / waterproof). Insulation: Shelter® Kids 60 g. Lining: taffeta. The straps are adjustable, removable. Latex cuffs for protection against bullying. Reflectors: branded stripes and piping.
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1. In the production of BOMBERS outerwear, we use modern materials that meet many requirements and requirements.

Our mothers at one time could only dream of such! Advanced technologies and competition in the fabric manufacturing market have led to the creation of high-quality and affordable materials. The choice is obvious!

Membrane tissue, or, more simply, a membrane. This material has now entered the open market and is widely used in the production of special sports and tourist clothes and shoes. But at the dawn of its appearance, the first industrial samples of membrane tissue were reliably protected by a patent and were initially developed generally for space missions.

Membrane fabric consists of several layers: the upper is wear-resistant, the lower is soft, and between them there are several protective layers of fabric and, in fact, the membrane. Technically, it is a thin polymer film, which consists of many tiny holes - pores. They are many times smaller than the smallest drop of water and are guaranteed not to let it pass outside. But from the inside, on the contrary, they will remove the moisture formed naturally, thereby maintaining a favorable climate inside the clothes. The child will neither be hot nor cold - no matter what activity he develops, the membrane will provide reliable thermoregulation due to its “breathing” properties.

Taslan is a synthetic material specifically designed for the production of outerwear. Depending on the thickness and type of the water-repellent layer, this fabric is widely used to create winter sports and tourist clothes, protective accessories such as hats, gloves, waterproof bags and backpacks, and, of course, children's clothes.

This fabric is indispensable for creating easy-to-care, outwardly attractive, yet very durable and comfortable to wear products. Like the membrane, taslan has water-repellent and windproof properties, does not allow cold and regulates sweating, removing water vapor to the surface.

The first Russian insulation of a new generation Shelter, surpassing many of the heaters on the market in its characteristics. It is created on the basis of polyester microfibers and has many modifications that allow it to be used in the manufacture of workwear, winter, model, children's and sportswear. By its heat-preserving properties it is comparable to a double layer of batting, but it is much thinner and lighter. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless for children, which confirms the safety certificate Oeko-Tex® Standart 100 Class I Confidence in textiles. Thanks to these properties, Shelter is also used for the production of home textiles, pillow, blankets and soft toys. Clothing with Shelter insulation provides maximum protection against the cold and comfortable heat transfer even under intense loads. It dries quickly and does not shrink when washing, the volume of insulation is restored unchanged. Shelter insulation has been repeatedly recognized as the "Best Cloth of the Year."

Fleece (Fleece) - one of the most popular synthetic fabrics, which in many respects are inferior to other fabrics of synthetic origin, such as lavsan, polycotton and microfiber. This is a special pile soft tissue that varies both in density and in appearance - depending on the height of the pile. The main advantages of fleece is that it perfectly retains heat, while preventing the body from overheating. And even if the fabric is wet, it does not lose this important property! The fleece is very comfortable to wear, tactilely pleasant and easy to care for. It is completely hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties. It’s practically weightless. With proper care, it will last for many years without losing its beneficial properties and appearance.

2. Especially for your little mods, BOMBERS designers have developed exclusive prints designed to emphasize the individuality of each of them!

Should children's clothes be fashionable? Yes and yes again! And if earlier she could not boast of a special variety, then nowadays she easily competes with adult clothes in intricate prints and a variety of colors!

We tried to take into account all the requests and wishes, creating both colorful and plain prints. But they are united by all the immutable property - brightness. The child should be noticeable! Anytime and anywhere! After all, first of all it is his safety. You will never lose sight of it; a vivid print will also be easier to see for drivers, cyclists and other road users. Yes, and looking at a child in catchy and colorful clothes is simply nice, because for the long 8 months in anticipation of the summer we are so lacking in bright and cheerful colors!

3. Each BOMBERS clothing collection is available in a limited edition.

Any mother considers her child to be one and only. We are in complete solidarity with this! Therefore, we try to produce clothes with the expectation that it would be simply impossible to meet another such one.

4. For us there is nothing more important than the health of your child! This principle is the basis of all the work of BOMBERS. In accordance with it, we have developed a number of technological features that guarantee increased protection of children's health:

- The glued back middle seam (the seam of the seat is glued) on semi-overalls and overalls provides additional sealing: if your fidget literally sat in a puddle, water will not penetrate into the clothes.

- Additional wind protection built into the hood will protect the child from sudden gusts of wind.

- Adjusting the hood in height will make it easier for the child to see.

- Soft fabric tabs on the hood in contact with the baby's chin will protect the skin from rubbing.

- Snow-covered rubberized skirt on jackets will save you from getting inside the snow during your favorite winter fun.

- Finishing the trousers of semi-overalls with a latex anti-slip elastic band performs the same function - protects against penetration of snow and blowing by the wind; Thanks to the rubberized cuffs, even the deepest snowdrifts will not be afraid of the child.

- Zippers and accessories are carefully hidden in a special pocket.

- Each model is equipped with reflective elements: edging, stripes, stickers. This detail is extremely important, especially for unaccompanied children - for example, when returning home from school or from extracurricular activities. It allows you to better see the child even in the dark and in cloudy weather.

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