Children's mattress BABY HOLL HARD
Children's mattress BABY HOLL HARD
Product description
A mattress specially designed for the correct formation of the child's spine. The inner filler consists of four layers of holofiber - a modern nonwoven material that often replaces the classic elastic foam. Holofiber has a greater degree of rigidity than foam, which is especially important for a balanced distribution of body weight over the surface of the mattress and the correct formation of the child's spine. External filler - natural coconut coir impregnated with latex, which gives the structure additional rigidity, increases the orthopedic properties of the mattress. The set includes a Cotton Baby cover, made of double or unilateral coarse calico, pleasant to the touch, in a bright children's color. The mattress is designed for a child weighing up to 70 kg.
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