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ООО Элита-минерал групп" - 53384

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Production and fields of bottled mineral 

waters are located in the eco-resort and 

recreational region of Caucasian Mineral 

Waters, Zheleznovodsk - the resort town


High and stable quality products are provided by: self attested laboratory, the use of 

modern methods of quality according to Management System in Food Safety as per 

GOST Standard ISO 22000-2007 (ISO 22000-2005) and the quality control of the 

European certification services and its own production quality control program.


Modern equipment of leading European 

manufacturers, such as SIG SIMONAZZI, 

AMS Ferrari, Italy and KNS Germany.


Direct water filling from a well 69-bis of 

Zheleznedovsk field is carried out by 

specialized mineral water pipeline 

without touching the environment.

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