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Gifts & Crafts, Models and Legos, Games and Toys, Hobby for children and adults, Puzzles, Wooden Toys, Educational Toys, New Year's Toys, Different toys Russia, 443068, г.Самара, ул.Ново-Садовая, д.106, офис 805 (ТД Захар)

UNIWOOD is a manufacturer from Russia creating wooden constructors and prefabricated models from wood. Our team is a - staff specialist with vast experience behind. Thanks to this, we can do all the work on creating toys on our site, without looking for outsourced employees. All our sets are the embodiment of the ideas of our artists and engineers. We invent each constructor from scratch, do not look for similar forms and do not copy existing models - all sets are exclusive and have no analogues in the world. The designer lineup includes miniature models the size of a child’s palm, as well as large-scale mechanical and hydraulic designers. All models are assembled without glue, in each set from 15 to 400 parts and a detailed illustrated instruction. The Univud trademark is officially registered. We are ready to offer a flexible discount system to wholesale customers. It is possible to work with partners on the basis of dropshipping.

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