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LLC TD Izomat-Grupp - (Private enterprise in Vladimir Region, RF) We are one of the best knitwear factories in Russia today. High quality textiles have been produced here for more than ten years. Thanks to our activities, the purchase of jerseys in bulk in Russia has now become very profitable. For many years, Izomat-Group has been independently manufacturing fabric and selling it in bulk, we supply our products to the Russian market and countries of the near and far abroad. Products are famous for their variety of modern design solutions and excellent quality. Russian knitwear in bulk from the manufacturer is today the best of existing offers. The jerseys of the highest quality offered by our company are manufactured in the widest assortment, which is always updated and updated as new clothes are created. Russian knitwear has excellent characteristics. Men's, women's and children's knitwear of excellent quality is sold in bulk under various well-known brands. During its work in the Russian market, the factory managed to gain popularity and consumer confidence, strengthening its position. The acquisition of high-quality knitted products from our company in bulk is very popular and makes it possible for high-income representatives of the textile business. Buying jerseys from "Izomat-Group" in bulk - you get the best deal for your stores. The main tasks of LLC TD Izomat-Group are the ability to create convenient conditions for working with consumers in placing orders at our factory. You will be 99.9% confident in the factory, this is the place where they produce really high-quality clothing.
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