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Children's Clothing, Children indoor clothing, Women's clothing, Women's homewear, Women's workwear, Women's knit garments, Lingerie, Men's clothing, men's work clothing, Textile, Fabrics and Accessories, Fire Safety Equipment and Protection Supplies, Safes, Explosion-proof Equipments, Glass Processing Machinery, Home & Construction, Construction Materials, Construction timber, Construction mixtures, Construction Tools, Glass and glass products, Wood design, Doors and windows, Doors, Metallurgy, Repair, modernization, retrofitting Russia, г.Ковров ул.Фруктовая 8
Metal products and structures Manufacture, Metal parts manufacture on order, Art glass processing, Road sign manufacturing, Item Tailoring & Repair Services, Clothing Tailoring & Repairs, Curtain Wall Manufacturing and Installation, Home and Cottage Construction, Sauna, Bath, Garden house, Arbor Design and Construction, Roofing, Building Construction & Reconstruction Services, Factory Construction, Building and Facility Construction, Trade Facility Construction, Playground Construction, Road Marking Russia, г.Ковров ул.Фруктовая 8

Production of any interior and exterior doors.

Glass and glass products, triplex, bulletproof glass, bulletproof glass, fireproof glass, triplex, fusing, silk-screen printing, lacobel, glass partitions, sandblasting glass, glass engraving, glass edge processing, glass cutting to size. Shockproof glass, cash registers, safes, locks, vaults, armored panels, bulletproof glass. Artistic processing of glass

Production - Men's overalls. Women's overalls. Repair and tailoring

Metallurgy, metal supply, fittings, metal pipes

Wood construction, log houses, lumber

Construction of buildings and structures, construction of trade facilities. Construction of playgrounds Construction of cottages, houses. Design and construction of saunas, baths, garden houses, arbors. Construction of factories. Construction and reconstruction services of buildings and structures. Building materials. Construction mixes. Roofing

Production and installation of all-glass facade structures. Services for the manufacture of metal products and structures. Production of metal parts to order.

Drawing road markings with hot and cold plastic, marking with paint. Production and installation of road signs, pedestrian fences, manufacture and installation of artificial road bumps, traffic lights and other means of road safety

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