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About company
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Construction Materials, Construction mixtures Russia, Москва, Угрешская улица, дом 31
Russia, Москва, Угрешская улица, дом 31

"Haveg" - a budgetary and reliable first-hand waterproofing
Liquid rubber from a Russian manufacturer for quick and hassle-free styling.


About company
Haveg has been producing liquid waterproofing in Russia using a patented technology since 2012. The products are certified, fully comply with GOST and are confirmed by a package of permits. Thanks to this, among our regular customers are large industrial companies and enterprises.
If you need the services of a professional team, for objects of more than 200 m2 we make "turnkey" waterproofing with a guarantee of 3 years. We have all the necessary machinery and equipment, plus a lot of practical experience of all the craftsmen. This allows you to repair and install a roof of any level of complexity, as well as services for waterproofing with liquid rubber.


About the product
The hydroisol contains a thermoplastic elastomer polymer (plasticizer), thanks to which the material does not crack for many years. Haveg retains elasticity for up to 30 years. Hydroizol is resistant to ultraviolet light and unstable climate conditions, does not react with low alkaline environment and organic matter. It is guaranteed to protect the surface at temperatures from -50 to + 85 ° C.


When do you need PBK Haveg
✓ for waterproofing the roof;
✓ for the repair of old roofing;
✓ for the construction of a new waterproofing sheet along the screed;
✓ to restore the waterproofing coating on the old roll material;
✓ for waterproofing sandwich panels;
✓ for waterproofing metal roofs;
✓ for waterproofing the basement, walls and foundations;
✓ for waterproofing buried structures;
✓ to protect against corrosion of metal surfaces;
✓ for additional processing of seams of rolled material;


The main objects for which our hydroisol is suitable:
flat roofs of apartment buildings;
roofs of shopping and office centers;
industrial buildings, warehouses, garages and granaries.
We work with individuals and legal entities. Among our regular customers are: heads of management companies, project managers, engineers, private roofers, foremen, foremen and estimators.


Haveg in work
One of the key advantages of Haveg waterproofing is that it is quick and easy to apply. The material does not require preliminary surface treatment with a primer, it is completely ready for use without heating. Hydroisol is one-component: it does not need to be mixed with anything else. To apply the material to the surface, a roller or paint brush is enough instead of expensive professional equipment.

The whole workflow consists of simple steps.

We cleaned the surface from dust and debris, and dried it.
If there are bulges on the roll, cut them, smear them and seal them with fiberglass.
All seams, joints, cracks and abutments were reinforced using fiberglass.
Haveg waterproofing was applied in 3 layers with interlayer drying in 30 minutes.
After 24 hours, the fully waterproof elastic coating is ready. At the same time, the consumption of material per m2 in comparison with waterproofing counterparts is always 20-70% less.
Recommended air temperature when applying waterproofing: from + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C; extreme temperature: from -10 ° С to + 35 ° С.


Haveg's proven and proven benefits
The quality of liquid rubber is 100% consistent with the declared characteristics and meets the most modern standards. As a result, seamless waterproofing:
wear-resistant and durable;
it is easy to use in hard-to-reach places;
with high adhesion to any materials;
seamlessly applied to vertical surfaces.


We sell goods related to work
Fiberglass for reinforcement.
Waterproofing tape LIT.
Rollers, rollers, brushes, bristles, extension cord, gloves, respirators, clasp.
One trial purchase is enough to appreciate all the benefits of Haveg.
We quickly deliver any volumes across Russia and the CIS.

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