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USD 33.43 - 86.92/pcs
Containers for storing vegetables and fruits: - 1200*1000*740 - 1200*1000*800 - 1200*1200*1000 - 1600*1200*1200 - 1600*1200*1250 They are made of softwood lumber (spruce, pine) Processing options: - not planed - planed on the inside - planed on the inside and outside sides They are chipped on nails with an annular or screw knurling. they are shipped in disassembled form-sets of walls and floors. The assembly is carried out on bolts-they are supplied as a set.
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Fertilizers, Veterinary and Animal Feed, Livestock animal products, Cattle breeding, Wood design, Lumber, Packaging, container Russia, Москва, ул. Подольских Курсантов 3, стр. 2

Production company "Continent-I". We are engaged in the production of: - containers for storing vegetables and fruits - lumber - complex mineral organ fertilizers - dietary supplements for agricultural animals

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