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Our company's oil refining equipment, which has a number of advantages: For oil refining and petrochemistry column apparatuses for mass transfer processes in oil refining, chemistry and petrochemistry. The company's product range includes contact devices of the poppet type, mainly valve plates, as well as the development of a line for the production of a structured nozzle, with a planned start-up date of June 2021. For agriculture, mobile installations for the preparation of ammonia water. The mobile unit allows the preparation of ammonia water directly at the site of application, only a small part of the raw materials is required to be transported, and water can be used from any nearby source.
USD 228.66 - 762195.12/pcs
Baskets, screens and decorative panels for air conditioners (including vandal-proof ones) of various designs and colors. Material: metal, galvanized and stainless steel. Design type: standard design, exclusive design with artistic perforation.
USD 45.73 - 152.44/pcs
Recirculators of bactericidal household and industrial use (an actual device in our time in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic). A bactericidal recirculator is a device containing a bactericidal lamp as a radiation source and intended for disinfection of the air environment or surfaces in a room. The recirculator can be operated in the presence of people, animals and plants – the decontamination zone in closed-type recirculators is located inside the housing, so its use is allowed even in the presence of children. The scope of the recirculator is household, if necessary industrial, administrative, public and warehouse premises with a large crowd of people. Recirculators are divided into three types, according to the volume of indoor air disinfection-up to 30, 50 and 100 m2.
USD 228.66 - 762195.12/pcs
Ventilation grilles (outdoor, floor, facade, wall) of any size, including non-standard configurations. Material: metal, galvanized and stainless steel, plastic. Grid types: adjustable and unregulated.
USD 228.66 - 762195.12/pcs
Inspection hatches (with a magnetic handle, lock or push-button) of any size, including non-standard configurations. Material: metal, galvanized and stainless steel, plastic. Construction type: welded, no welding, injection molding. 
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LaserVent — engineering with aesthetics! Production company "LaserVent" is one of the largest metal processing companies in the region. Our own production base, combined with the latest high-performance metalworking equipment, allows us to offer the highest quality products on the most favorable terms. The company manufactures products from various types of metal and in various configurations. At the request of the customer, any color design and application of individual laser perforation is possible:

* Inspection hatches, including reinforced and fire-fighting configurations

* Ventilation grilles, various types of installation

* Screens for radiators

and facade baskets for air conditioners

• Distribution floor boards

* Metal case products of any complexity

• The bactericidal recirculators

As well as providing metal fabrication services:

* Laser cutting machine

* Bending on CNC machines

* Welding

* Powder coating

The geography of deliveries goes beyond the Russian Federation.

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