Autonomous fire extinguishing installations. Autonomous system FR-150 (FR-150)
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Autonomous fire extinguishing installations. Autonomous system FR-150 (FR-150) Scope: Production and warehouses; Engine compartments of civil special equipment; Server and data centers; Electrical and cable compartments; Painting booths, and other premises of public and industrial buildings. Start: thermal, autonomously Protected volume: 6 m3 Guaranteed service life: 10 years Dimensions (length, diameter): 277 x 32 mm Maximum weight: 0.295 kg Temperature range: from -60 °C to +60 °C Fire extinguishing aerosol generator FR-150 is used when building automatic fire protection systems as an element that generates a fire extinguishing agent. Extinguishes fire classes A2, B, C, E (solid combustible materials, liquids, gaseous substances and electrical equipment under voltage up to 40 kV) in conditionally sealed rooms. Autonomous systems are launched autonomously using a thermal cord that reacts to a flame and starts a generator with a fire extinguishing aerosol. The extinguishing agent is 100% dielectric, does not harm the electrical parts of the equipment. Does not require maintenance Delivery set: fire-extinguishing aerosol generator, thermal cord with a sensitive element 50 cm long, fastening elements, product passport, warranty card, certificate.
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Autonomous fire extinguishing installations. Autonomous system FR-150 (FR-150) - 78471

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