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PC "Aurora Electro" LLC produces electromagnetic chokes (reactors) for various purposes in the widest range of characteristics in accordance with the customer's specifications.

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Smoothing chokes. They are used in direct current circuits and are used to smooth out ripples that arise, including when using various single-phase and three-phase rectification circuits.

Three-phase AC chokes (motor, mains, compensation) .

Mains reduce the mutual influence of semiconductor converters in one network, reduce the rate of rise of inrush currents, compensate for capacitive currents of long cables.

Motor reduce the heating of electric motor windings caused by high-frequency pulsations from frequency converters, limit the amplitude of short-circuit currents.

Compensating ones are used to protect capacitors in reactive power compensation installations from high-frequency voltage components.

Single-phase AC chokes.

Chokes of the widest application according to your specification!

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