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The company LLC "Rezinoplast" Plant RTI offers a wide range of rubber products - RTI. We manufacture RTI products for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for various industries and agriculture. For cars, tractors, combines, seeders, cultivators, and other special equipment. We make products from rubber and plastic, as well as various custom-made metal parts for factories, factories and enterprises.

The products we offer you are of excellent quality - and at an affordable price.

-Rings rubber sealing.

-Cuffs rubber sealing.

- Rubber seals.

- Rubber wipers.

- Rubber gaskets (round and rectangular).

-Others, covers, oil seals.

- Inserts, rubber couplings.

- Rubber bushings, elastic bushings, MUVP rings.

- Fungi for tire repair (tire repair materials).

-Tech plate, technical plate.

-Pipes rubber cooling systems radiator engine.

- Rubber hoses and gas hoses for irrigation and hoses.

-Rubber valves, diaphragms, membranes.

-Rubber seals for pipelines and plumbing (reduction, cuffs, rings)

- Mud flaps for trucks of foreign and domestic brands.

- Bandage rubber wheel cultivator KRN.

- Ankle-wheel bandage SK-12 multicorn.

- Seed piping, fertilizer piping, (Corrugated tube), Tedders.

-Rubber filler seals for all types of tankers.

- Rubber gaskets for heat exchangers.

-Pillows, rubber heels on the paw of a car lift.

- Diaphragms for chemical treatment pumps and spraying fields and gardens.

Rubber platform bump (Rubber bumpers)

- Profile sealing and cord made of rubber and silicone.

- Marker lights for trailers of long lengths and trucks.

- Silicone rubber oil-resistant and ozone-resistant products.

- Solid tires for forklifts and special equipment.

-Lid and body of the hatch for manholes (rubber cord manholes)

- Artificial road roughness "Speed bump" IDN-500, IDN-650.

- Rubber wheel separator, parking border (Rubber parking separators)

- Corner rubber protection of walls and columns, angular parking damper, rubber shockproof profile.

- Rubber reinforced plates and scrapers (rubber on the blade) rubber for snowplow heaps.

-Mats and rubber mats, flooring for barn - cattle.

-RTI products for combines, tractors, seeders, cultivators, special equipment, trucks.

-Other rubber goods issued according to technical specifications of customers.

- The company has already mastered more than 25,000 types of various rubber goods.


We carry out custom metalworking services according to a drawing or sample. Qualitatively, with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. On imported CNC equipment - with numerical control.

At our production, the following types of metal work are carried out:

Metal processing at the horizontal two-pallet processing center DUGARD MH-500;

Metal processing on a multi-purpose turning machine SAMSUNG SMEC PL 45LY, with the possibility of milling and drilling;

Turning and milling on CNC machines;

Turning metal on CNC machines;

Milling, Milling metal processing on CNC machines;

Electroerosive processing (on EEO machines);

Metal stamping, grinding, boring;

Production of molds and dies;

Series production of parts and spare parts;

Bending of pipes made of ferrous metal and stainless steel,

Pipe bending work on a CNC machine;

Gumming of metal parts - rubberizing of products.

Drawing polyurethane on rollers of carts, wheels of loaders.

Design services.

We will manufacture custom-made non-standard, various sizes (huge) silicone, rubber, oil-resistant and heat-resistant rubber products and parts.

There is a quality certificate from the TUV SUD Management Service GmbH, which confirms that the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 are met.

We have a wide range of RTI products. From stock and on order.

If you need to buy or order and manufacture rubber products from high-quality raw materials, then contact us - we are ready for cooperation.

Detailed information about our products and services, see our website!

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