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USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
Dry mix BeefFree (130g) for minced meat (500g is obtained). Free of GMOs, gluten, soy and animal products. An easy-to-use, well-balanced product.
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
Dry mix Hickenfrre (130g), for preparation of minced meat (it turns out 500g) Without GMO, soy, gluten and animal products. Well balanced product.
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Ready-to-cook, Frozen products, Diet food, ECO Russia

The company produces dry food mixture for preparation of minced meat, based on pea protein. Does not contain gluten, soy, GMO and animal products. Frozen semi-finished products: burger patties and minced meat. Two lines: BeefFree / chickenfree.

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