Tea nectar of the gods green
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Rosehip is a difficult flower with character. On the one hand, there is a wonderful, unique aroma, on the other, there are thorny thorns that gave the name to the plant. This flower will not let itself be offended, which, however, is not surprising, because according to legend, the rosehip grew from the blood of a Cossack girl who, not wanting to marry an unloved, stabbed herself with a dagger. Such a proud and capricious girl was. In the fall, the bush dressed in an outfit of red berries, but only a kind person could pick them. If evil people approached him, the bush bristled and did not allow picking a single berry. Rosehip is still ready to help all good people. As part of herbal tea “Nectar of the Gods. The reserved melody "rosehip softens the symptoms of cough and runny nose, therefore it will be very useful for colds and bronchitis. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, relieves headaches, helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract ... Almost a universal remedy, in general. Lingonberries (helps with kidney diseases and vitamin deficiency), immortelle (relieves bloating and improves metabolic processes in the body), blueberries (a recognized leader in improving vision, is used for sore throat) and jasmine, which improves brain activity and relieves fatigue, make up for the lack of useful properties. However, our tea also has thorns. People with gastritis, ulcers and high blood pressure should use this drink with caution and in small quantities. Otherwise, the "prick" will not last long.
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