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USD 25.0 - 50.0/pcs
Bentonite clay powder PBB, PBG, PBMB
USD 22.0 - 25.0/Ton
MP Mineral Powder - 1 < span style = "color: # 2021 24; background-color: #ffffff; "> & nbsp; & ndash; this is limestone dust obtained as a result of crushing limestone and dolomite. It is used in the production of building materials for the processing of asphalt and concrete mixtures, dry mortars for repair and waterproofing. < / p>
USD 30.0 - 35.0/Ton
Technical salt & nbsp; or sodium chloride technical, chemical formula & ndash; NaCl, & nbsp; a free-flowing crystalline product obtained during the processing of natural self-precipitated salt. Technical salt is used in the chemical, petrochemical industry, in boiler houses for chemical water treatment of open and closed heating systems, to combat winter slipperiness by sprinkling roads, preparing drilling fluids and other purposes.
USD 42.0 - 46.0/Ton
Marble chips from 2-5 mm for construction. It is widely used for exterior wall decoration in construction.
USD 190.0 - 200.0/Ton
KB-6 has the following properties: low content of water-soluble salts; does not contain flotation reagents on its surface; provides density of drilling fluids up to 2.40 g / cm3; do not thicken drilling fluids; has an optimal particle size distribution; do not cause coagulation and increase fluid loss; provide low solids content; prevent aeration of drilling fluids.
USD 203.0 - 210.0/Ton
Barite concentrate KB-3 (barium sulfate) density, kg / m3, moisture 2.5%, hydrogen index, pH, within 7.0-8.0, water-soluble salts 0.33-0.38%, mass fraction of the fraction 5 mkm-10% Widely used in the oil and gas industry.
USD 43.0 - 45.0/Ton
Microcalcite - crushed marble. Fraction 0.002. Ground marble has a stable fractional and chemical composition with a high degree of dispersion. The widespread use of ground marble is made possible by the large assortment of this product. Depending on the requirements for the quality of the final product (varnish, dry construction mixtures, drilling fluids, etc.), raw materials of various fractions (size of ground particles) are used. For the production of PVC, marble flour is used, which has undergone hydrophobization - treatment with stearic acid.
USD 17.0 - 20.0/Ton
Construction chalk. Chalk is a natural material of organic origin, a rock from the sedimentary category.
USD 20.0 - 25.0/Ton
Chemical reagent. It is used in chemical, paint and varnish, electrical, oil and gas production and other industries. It is mainly used as a weighting agent for drilling fluids.
USD 34.0 - 40.0/Ton
Bentonite mud powder for PBG drilling fluids in big bags
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The company "TRANSNEFTEGAZ GLOBAL SERVIS" LLC was founded in 2007. The main activities of the company: - production and supply of chemical reagents; - supply of chemical products for the oil and gas, chemical (paint and varnish) and metallurgical industries; - production and supply of building materials; - sale of equipment for the oil and gas and chemical industries. One of the activities of our company is the development, production and integrated supply of chemicals for drilling and grouting fluids, special cements for various conditions of use, weighting agents for drilling fluids. The offered chemical reagents meet the following requirements: - high efficiency; - manufacturability and ease of use; - environmental friendliness; - the optimal combination of cost and required qualities in accordance with GOST

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