Oxygen concentrator PLUSMED pM-Kn01
Oxygen concentrator PLUSMED pM-Kn01
Oxygen concentrator PLUSMED pM-Kn01
Oxygen concentrator PLUSMED pM-Kn01
Oxygen concentrator PLUSMED pM-Kn01
Product description
This is a high-quality device that provides the body with oxygen and provides reliable support in health care. Used to maintain health. The oxygen supplied by the device can be used by athletes and people who devote time to mental activity to prevent fatigue. In addition, it can be used in medical departments, sanatoriums providing oxygen, military camps and hotels. Used in medicine. The oxygen provided by the device is useful in the treatment of such diseases: cardiovascular diseases, systemic chronic diseases of the pulmonary, cerebral and cardiovascular systems, as well as diseases associated with chronic tuberculosis and oxygen deficiency. No age restrictions. The device can be used by pregnant and lactating women, as well as children under 14 years of age. The concentrator PLUSMED pM-Kn01 works on the principle of a rotary adsorber with pressure obtained from air oxygen, nitrogen and other gases. The planned lifetime of the generator is 20,000 hours. The operation of the generator does not affect the percentage of oxygen in the room. Type Oxygen concentrators Field of use Medical Household Category For adults Features Oxygen flow regulator - indicates the oxygen flow at the outlet. The handle for convenience of movement of the device Complete set Oxygen concentrator. Silicone tube for oxygen outlet. humidifier capacity. Oxygen flow control valve. Air filter Weight 23.16 kg Color Beige Country of origin Turkey Additional features Power outage alarm. Low frequency alarm. High pressure alarm. Low pressure alarm. Display. Oxygen concentration: 93% +- 3% Oxygen flow: 5 liters/minute. Outlet pressure: 0.04-0.07 MPa. Fire safety valve. Country of registration of the brand Turkey.
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Oxygen concentrator PLUSMED pM-Kn01 - 92282

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