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USD 8.99/pcs 8.99
I sell goods only in bulk in boxes of bags for cash.
USD 8.99/pcs 8.99
Sports sneakers for different ages.
USD 10.65/pcs 10.65
We sell sports goods, sneakers of different sizes only in bulk
USD 5.92/pcs 5.92
Guibing summer flip flops at an affordable price all in bags
Specify the price USD 0 0
We sell the goods in Almaty, we can send to different regions through a bus, a truck, etc.
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Women's footwear, Women's sports shoes, Men's footwear, Men's sports shoes, Children's footwear, Children's sports shoes Kazakhstan, Торговый рынок Мизам

Wholesale shoes from Almaty in bags and also in new packages. There are sneakers, shoes, summer slates, slippers, net goods and a lot of winter goods.

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