Fingertip Pulse Oximeter LK87
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter LK87
Product description
Pulse Oximeter FINGERTIP PULSE OXIMETER LK87 is designed to determine the amount of oxygen contained in capillary blood. The device is equipped with an LED display, which ensures low power consumption and, as a result, the ability to monitor the patient's condition for a long period of time. And the compact size, low weight and high accuracy of the results obtained allow this device to be used practically in any conditions. Indications for use: Chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system Diseases of the respiratory system When undergoing oxygen therapy Monitoring the level of exercise during sports Main properties: Built-in SpO2 sensor and touch display Small in volume, lightweight and easy to transport Product operation is simple, with low energy consumption Possibility SpO2 menu function settings Display values ​​Pulse rate display and histogram Pulse waveform Automatic shutdown function When the device is not in a measurement state, it will automatically turn off within 5 seconds or if a finger falls out of the probe during measurement Specifications: SpO2 Measurement range: 0% ~ 100%, (resolution 1%). Accuracy: 70% ~ 100%: & plusmn; 2%, below 70% not defined. PR Measurement range: 30bpm ~ 250bpm, (resolution 1bpm) Accuracy: ± 2bpm or ± 2% (choose more) Power consumption: less than 25mA Power supply: 1.5V rechargeable lithium battery × 2 Measurement of performance in a weakly filled state: SpO2 and pulse rates can be displayed correctly when the pulse-ratio is 0.4%. SpO2 error is ± 4%, pulse error rate ± 2 bpm or ± 2% (choose more). Characteristics: Electronic pulse meter Fingertip Pulse Oximeter LK87 Display yes Type of device Pulse oximeter Battery type 1.5V lithium rechargeable battery x; 2 Features Small in volume, lightweight and easy to carry. Color White: White / Blue Additional specifications SpO2 Measurement range: 0% ~ 100%, (1% resolution)., Accuracy: 70% ~ 100%: ±; 2%, below 70% undefined., PR Measurement range: 30bpm ~ 250bpm, (1bpm resolution), Accuracy: ±; 2bpm or ± 2% (choose more), Power consumption: less than 25 mA Scope of use Household
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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter LK87 - 66732

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