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USD 900.0/pcs 900.0
Product Description. The Dräger JM-105 jaundice meter provides consistent screening quality, cost-effectively and over the entire service life of the device. As a result, you optimize the effectiveness of your jaundice management program, which can help save time and money while providing an exceptional standard of care. Features: - Effective jaundice screening - Easy to use, convenient for everyone - Improved process and cost-effectiveness. Specifications: - Height: 168 mm - Length: 45 mm - Weight: 203 g ± 10% - Width: 56 mm Package Includes: - Jaundice Meter 105 - Stand - Charger - Instruction Manual - 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
USD 600.0/pcs 600.0
Product Description. The Dragger JM-103 Jaundice Meter is a hand-held transcutaneous bilirubin meter that provides an objective indicator of jaundice in infants. It has some unique features such as a reusable tip, a light source checker, and an ergonomic design for ease of use. Benefits: - Make routine screening less stressful - Minimize cost of ownership - Fewer steps to immediate information - Ease of use starts with easy learning - Increased process efficiency. The package includes: - Jaundice meter 103 - Base - Charger - Instruction manual - 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
USD 570.0/pcs 570.0
Product Description. Streamline workflows with a monitor that goes from bedside to transport in the push of a button. Leave cables and modules attached to your patient and continue monitoring parameters and alarms in real time, while recording data during travel. Use the Infinity M540 as a standalone monitor, or integrate it with hospital IT to access clinical information systems and data analysis applications. Benefits - Two workflow options - System interoperability - Continuous surveillance without interruption - Storage of trends, events and alarms - One monitoring platform for the entire hospital. Package included: - Drager Infinity M540 - Drager Patient cables- Leads - Hose and/or cuff- Hospital Grade Power Cable.
USD 800.0/pcs 800.0
Product Description. The BiliLux is a compact and lightweight. LED phototherapy light system for the treatment of neonatal unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia. It provides superior phototherapy performance, individualized therapy with electronic documentation capabilities and the flexibility for seamless integration into practically every workplace. Features: Superior phototherapy with even and broad irradiance distribution Infection prevention – priority in our development. Seamless workplace integration for more flexibility. Individualized care and quality management. Electronic data transfer – for efficient workflow. Designed for a healthy and family-friendly environment. Package includes: - Cable. Holder - Duct pivot rail, Kit - Phototherapy mask. Eyemax 2- Rail clamp - Rail Claw for lamp - Book warranty.
USD 3600.0/pcs 3600.0
Product Description The MyLab One is designed to bring ultrasound at the point-of-care. It represents your arm-held solution: steadly fix the ultrasound device to your arm, providing comfortable and stable setting, and it will be able to face any working condition, even the most critical ones.Emergency and critical care can require very high standards of technology: time and reliability of diagnosis are crucial factors. MyLab One integrates all these characteristics ensuring a long working time with battery. It offers the highest standard of ergonomics, both for the system itself, and for the wide range of accessories and probes.Features:- Innovative 12" full touch-screen high-resolution TFT LCD color monitor- Complete multi-frequency probes range- Superior image quality with unmatched high-frequency range- PW Doppler with automatic Doppler tracing- Extreme portability and flexibility of use- Portrait-landscape auto-orientation, controls on the handle, belt and wrist locker- TEI - Tissue Enhancement Imaging- Tp-View for enlarged field of view, specially in high-frequency and vascular exams- MView - combined standard and steered ultrasound imaging to detect all anatomical structures- XView - eXtreme View with real-time adaptive algorithm- RF-QIMT & RF-QAS - Quality Intima Media Thickness for early detection of cardio-vascular diseases & Quality Arterial Stiffness for early detection of cardio-vascular diseases- NNE, Nerve & Needle Enhancement - dedicated Anaesthesiology technology & presets- Advanced Cardiac Package- CFM/Power Doppler capability- Fast start-up time, long life integrated battery, battery recharge, additional battery package- Wireless networking for easy data sharing, storage and printing- Remote archive, review, report, back-up- Up-to-date connectivity and data management solutions (wireless, LAN, integrated database)- Device for General Imaging use.- Probes: Abdominal  
USD 2250.0/pcs 2250.0
Product Description The MyLab Guide is the newborn of the Esaote’s expertise in compact ultrasound systems for human applications, also available in combination with optional stands, e.g. desk and roll stands.Specifically developed for complete vascular access procedures and precise needle tracking, it is also suitable for rheumatology, anaesthesiology, pediatrics, neonatal, small parts and intraoperative examinations.Features:- 5" high-resolution TFT LCD- user-friendly interface with direct access to main functions by keys- broadband electronic linear array (10-5 MHz 20 mm)- B-Mode, B/B-Mode, B/M-Mode, M-Mode, B-Zoom- up to 10 custom presets- automatic optimization system for automatic adjustment of focus position & frequency according to depth- wide set of measurements: distance, length, area, volume, circumference, ellipse, angle, time, speed- VDC rechargeable battery (2,5 hours capacity)- fast battery charger & mains supply- additional batteries (optional)- desk stand for use on desk & at bedside (optional)- roll stand for portable solutions with basket (tools/materials repository) and peripherals/probe/gel additional holders (optional)- internal image storage (up to 320 images)- communication package to download stored images to PC (optional)- connectivity: bi-directional infrared port & standard video out- video output: standard video output PAL, NTSC- compact & lightweight: 0,8 Kg (unit weight)- unit size: 13 cm (5") x 15.5 cm (6") x 12 cm (4.7")  
USD 7500.0/pcs 7500.0
Product Description MyLab Gamma: a World without Boundaries with Smart Portable Ultrasound, Delivering Affordable Productivity, Efficiency, Value. MyLab Gamma sets ultrasound free bringing superb quality imaging and fast, accurate diagnosis to the Point-of-Care in any situation – wherever and whenever.MyLab Gamma is a best in class, highly-portable, ‘green’ ultrasound system. Based on Esaote’s productivity-oriented operating platform, the super-light, feature packed portable system sets ultrasound free to be used in any environment at a moment’s notice, from Point-of-Care to Shared Service solutions. As a recognised leader in ergonomics and design lead simplicity, Esaote has engineered the MyLab Gamma to meet the rigorous demands of the sonographer’s working environment, particularly those using ultrasound systems for many hours a day, without compromising diagnostic confidence.The new portable ultrasound MyLab Gamma is an extremely mobile system that can be easily shared between different departments within a clinic or hospital and can also be brought on-site without any problem:- Anaesthesia- Emergency & Critical Care- Cardiology- Vascular- Radiology- Musculoskeletal- Rheumatology- Women’s Healthcare- Neurology  
USD 8900.0/pcs 8900.0
Product Description The new high-level cardiovascular and general imaging ultrasound system MyLab ClassC delivers a reliable diagnosis and ensures every day productivity thanks to its up-to-date platform, with high-performance and advanced on-board technologies as well as simplicity and ease of use. Prevention and quantification are easily available with a touch thanks to its prevention suite, state-of-the art technologies, and iQ Probes features. The innovative MyLab™ClassC’s ergonomics led to a compact and agile system, easy to move and able to adapt to any kind of environment, including the most critical ones such as interventional and operating rooms. The additional unique feature, Opti-Light, allows to control the room lighting level directly from the system, through the specially designed controls located on the touch screen.Features:- TEI - Tissue Enhancement Imaging- CMM - Compass M-Mode- XMM – eXtended M-Mode imaging for superior image quality- XView - eXtreme View with real-time adaptive algorithm  - Advanced CnTI - Contrast Tuned Imaging for contrast media procedures- XStrain - Strain-Strain Rate top analysis technique for myocardial function evaluation- TVM - Tissue Velocity Mapping for LV motion analysis- CFI - Coronary Flow Imaging to assess coronary artery blood flow and its main characteristics- DIR X-Flow - extreme sensitivity and flow direction information- AutoEF - Automatic Ejection Fraction computation- Integrated stress echo- Advanced Cardiac and Vascular packages- MView - combined standard and steered ultrasound imaging to detect all anatomical structures- Tp-View for enlarged field of view, specially in breast and vascular exams- RF-QIMT & RF-QAS - Quality Intima Media Thickness for early detection of cardio-vascular diseases & Quality Arterial Stiffness for early detection of cardio-vascular diseases- High definition CFM- Virtual Navigator advanced tool for Fusion imaging (US & CT/MR)- IP - Intelligent Positioning system in Virtual Navigator modality to define US target at best- ViewFinder - accurate verification/anatomical structure evaluation during tuning phase in Virtual Navigator modality- Virtual Biopsy to support biopsy needle path during percutaneous procedures- 4D biopsy guidance to improve biopsy procedures reliability- ElaXto-Elastosonography - non-invasive method to assess tissue elasticity- X4D real-time technology for eXtended 3D-4D advanced OB/GYN imaging in volumetric scanning- 3D-4D VRA Counting - automatic hypoechoic spherical target volume measurements & counting- 3D Panoramic to create a 3D extended view by merging acquired volumes- VPan - eXtended field of view- PBI - Pure Brilliance Imaging to optimise and enhance image quality- Wide-view high image quality touch screen with mode-dependent parameters settings- Direct access to standard and advanced modalities- Flexibility of use in an easy-to-move, compact and agile system- Superior image quality with unmatched high-frequency range- Optimal lighting room level with Opti-Light advanced feature (optimized lighting)- Dedicated intelligent and intuitive interface/setting- Automatic optimization of image processing to improve the operator's comfort- Diagnosis oriented workflow: easy, fast and reliable access to diagnoses- Wireless networking for easy data sharing, storage and printing- Remote archive, review, report, back-up- Up-to-date connectivity and data management solutions (wireless, LAN, integrated database)- Windows and DICOM compatibility- IHE compliance (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)- MyLab Desk software package for image management solution- Up-to-date 19" widescreen high-resolution TFT LCD colour monitor- Extended bandwidth probes & new innovative ergonomic shape (Appleprobes)- Height-adjustable and rotating keyboard- Probe and ECG cable guide, dedicated sterile and customizable probe holders- Extra working space with multi-direction articulated movement- Monitor orientation and articulated arm, printer support, connectors holders, insulated power supply- 4 swivelling wheels with single brakes  
USD 4050.0/pcs 4050.0
Product Description The sleek MyLab Alpha, a premium portable ultrasound system, offers features and performance never seen on a mobile system to deliver reliable diagnosis at the point-of-care and portability without compromise.Features:- 2D (single, dual, quad, TP-view),- M-Mode- Spectral Doppler ( PW-CW)- Color / Power Doppler- CnTI modes- XVIEW Adaptive Multistage Image Enhancement- Speckle noise reduction- ImageProcessing algorithms Multi-Angle Electronic Beam Steering (MVIEW)- electronic high-density ports available- Modern and ergonomic design for user comfort including user friendly and keyboard layout with pushbuttons, knobs and sliders.- High Speed and Powerful PC based architecture, capable to manage real timeUltrasound image processing and off line functions, such as archiving and reporting.- Full connectivity is included: the unit is capable of exporting still images and clips instandard Windows file formats- Dicom Compatible (Optional License required)- Image Export can be done via network (wired and wireless), USB, CD/DVD.- Battery for 1.5 hours of scanning time.- Flexible protocols and custom profiles can be preset to customize the use of the unitfor different users and different scanning environments.- One Operator's Manual- One Year Warranty Includes:- Hi-Res LCD 16/10 Color Monitor- Hi-Res Touch LC interactive Display and ergonomic keyboard- Auto EF- My Lab Desk for Reviewing and Reporting- Intelligent configuration capability including applications, presets, measurementsand reports,and enabled for the user through specific Application Licenses  
USD 2050.0/pcs 2050.0
Product Description The 12w Dual plus laser with 5 procedure shortcuts for easy of use and 24 multi-language clinical pre-sets including pictorials and help screens, it is the 5th generation All-in-One laser with a large 6″ colour screen.The 12w Dual laser comes with both 810nm and 980nm adjustable wavelengths for better coagulation and lasing, you can use both wavelengths together or individually, three lasers in one: Dual 810nm+980nm, 810nm, 980nm.Optimal melanin absorption of 810nm wavelength laser for better coagulation with the optimal water absorption of a 980 nm wavelength laser for better ablation lasing in addition to the 650nm aiming beam. Super pulsed laser at 20,000 herts making it 10 times greater than traditional diode lasers.Features:- Versatile laser: Soft tissue, Whitening, Pain Therapy LLLT- 12w Dual Plus 810nm+980nm wavelength combined or adjustable- 3 lasers in one: Dual 810nm+980nm, 810nm, 980nm- 5 shortcuts for commonly used clinical procedures- Super Pulse modes and adjustable & Continuous mode cutting- 6″ colour touch screen- 24 pre-set procedures with 6 languages & clinical picture icons- Built in fibre optic caddy for fibre protection with screen matching colour LEDs- Choice of 2 user interface graphics 3D or 2DSpecifications:- Size : w:18.5 cm h:14.5 cm d:19 cm (7.3″ x 5.7″ x 7.4″)- Weight : 1.8kg (4 lb)- Medium : GaAlAs Laser Diode Class IV- Wavelength : 810 and 980 +- 10 nm (nanometres)- Output Power : 0.1-12.0 watts (+-)- Operation : Continuous wave or pulsed at 10, 20, 50Hz & adjustable up to 20000 Hz- Pulse Width : 50ms, 30ms, 10ms & custom- Fibre Optic : FC 200-400um single file multi-mode- Aiming Beam : 650 nm red Diode laser 2 mW max – adjustable- Sterilization : Handpiece- Input Power : AC: 100 to 240v, 1amp 47-63Hz DC: 5.1v 10ampPackage includes:- 3m Fibre cable- 2 Safety glasses & 1 for patient- Fibre cable stripper- Fibre cable ruby cleaver- Autoclavable all-in-One hand piece- 25 Disposable guiding tips- Whitening & Therapy prisms LLLT- Foot pedal- Power charger & lead- USB stick with clinical procedures and health and safety docs- Laser caution label- Setup instruction procedure- Manual & online training printouts- Laser training certificate- Marketing posters and patient leaflets- Special carrying laser case  
USD 4550.0/pcs 4550.0
Product Description Accuracy is the combination of two important and complementary elements: trueness and precision. Trueness refers to whether a measurement matches the actual quantity being measured, while precision indicates the ability of that measurement to be consistently repeated.According to “Accuracy of Four Intraoral Scanners in Oral Implantology: A Comparative In-Vitro Study”1, the CS 3600 surpassed leading competitors by delivering the best performance in terms of overall trueness.Not only did the CS 3600 have the best trueness results, it was also “significantly better” than the three other intraoral scanners. Because the “CS 3600 gave the best trueness results,” the study recommends its use in “similar clinical settings.”The final takeaway gleaned from the study was that “no statistically significant differences were found in the precision among the four different IOS (intraoral scanners).”Acquire true color:With the CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner, practitioners can access 2D and 3D images that can be used with CS Restore software to design restorations within their practice. Colored 3D scans allow practitioners to easily define the margin lines and identify the differences between natural tooth structure and existing restorations. This makes restoration planning more accurate for practitioners.No external heater, powder or trolley system needed:The CS 3600 does not require you to spray powder of liquid over the patient’s teeth or gingival tissue before scanning. It features high-angulation scanning of up to 45 degrees and to a depth from -2 to +13m.Features a unique light guidance systemYet another feature of the CS 3600 that assists it in the capture of the data during the image acquisition process. This feature allows the user to place more focus on the patient’s mouth rather than the monitor.This device is easily shared:The CS 3600 can be easily shared between operatories because there is no heavy trolley to push around. Additionally, the intraoral scanner connects via USB 2 cable* to any PC workstation or laptop. * Windows 7, 32-bit minimum; 64-bit recommended.Easy to use and hold:The CS 3600’s sleek, lightweight design (295 grams) makes it comfortable and easy for users to navigate the intraoral scanner around patients’ mouths, especially during full arch acquisitions.Benefits:- Faster Scan Speed- Superb Image Quality- Light Guidance System- Portable for Easy Sharing- Lightweight Hand PiecePackage includes:- Includes Software ( with License Key ) and all original accessories in sealed and/or from factory condition.  
USD 2150.0/pcs 2150.0
Features and Benefits 10.4" Graphic LED-Display with resistive touchscreen Combo device with small footprint Customizable to suit individual needs High resolution and quick screen transitions Full touch-based interface for intuitive handling Probe tone 226 Hz is standard, optional high-frequency probe tone 1,000 Hz available Air conduction audiometry Built-in printer Acoustic reflex stimuli 500 Hz,1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz (ipsilateral and optional contralateral). Optional contralateral is available with DD45C head phone or IP30C Optional Racecar available - Visual “Race Car” entertains the child using multimedia. Holds the child’s attention during the test. Materials Included MI 26 Audiometer & Tympanometer Unit DD45 with HB7 headband Built-in Calibration Cavity Printer Thermal Printer Paper Probe Floss Kit Cleaning Cloth Probe Pen or Shoulder Box Pen Power Supply EarTip Kit 3-5 mm Flanged Eartip, Red (10 pcs) 7 mm Mushroom Eartip, Blue (10 pcs) 9 mm Mushroom Eartip, Green (10 pcs) 11 mm Mushroom Eartip, Blue (10 pcs) 13 mm Mushroom Eartip, Green (10 pcs) 15 mm Mushroom Eartip, Blue (5 pcs) 15 mm Umbrella Eartip, Red (5 pcs) 19 mm Umbrella Eartip, Blue (5 pcs) 19 mm Mushroom Eartip, Yellow (5 pcs) Eartip Removal Tool (1 pc) Probe Tips (3 pcs) Probe Cleaning Tool (1 pc) User Manual Technical SpecificationsTympanometry Probe Frequency: 226 Hz ± 1 %, 85 dBSPL ± 1.5 dB Pressure Range: - 600 to + 400 daPa Accuracy of Pressure: ± 5 % or ± 10 daPa Volume Range: 0.0 to 6.0 ml (compensated) Compliance Range: 0.1 to 8.0 ml at 226 Hz 0.1 to 15.0 mmho at 1 kHz Accuracy of Volume: ± 5 % or 0.1 ml Test Time Measurement: 3 - 5 seconds Acoustic Reflexes Test Frequencies: 0.5, 1, 2, 4 kHz ± 1 % Test Methods: Ipsilateral Level Ipsilateral: 70 to 105 dBHL Level Contralateral: 70 to 120 dBHL (Optional) Level Setting: Automatic, fixed Ipsilateral Reflex Test: With AGC Audiometry Test Signals: Pure and warble tone (pulsed and continuous) Test Frequencies: 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000 Hz Level Steps: 5 or 1 dB Hearing Level Range AC: -10 to 120 dBHL Hearing Level Range BC: -10 to 80 dBHL Device General PC Interface: USB Probe: Lightweight hand-held probe with built-in control light and switch Printer: Fast 4 inch thermal printer Power Supply: 100 to 240 V~ ± 10 %, 50 - 60 Hz ± 10 % Dimensions: 1.81" W x 3.58" D x 5.83" H Weight: 7.1 lbs Languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese  
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