Ozon Yağı 50 ML
Ozon Yağı 50 ML
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What is Ozone Oil? Ozone oil is made from high quality organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. Ozone bubbles are introduced into the oil for a long time and ozone is injected into olive oil. Many companies use corona discharge ozone generators, which can be cheap and cause contamination for this process. However, cold plasma ozone generators should always be used for purity and quality. When you decide to buy ozone oil, ask companies which ozone generator they use. Ozone is a reactive gas and has a very unstable structure. However, olive oil has a ozone resistant storage container feature. When ozone is injected into olive oil, it interacts with the oil and gains a balanced structure in the oil. As the process progresses, it brings the liquid oil to gel consistency and darkens its color. Differences in Liquid Ozone Oil and Gel Ozone Oil The difference between liquid and gel ozone oils is in saturated oxygen and ozone amounts. The process to bring the oil to gel consistency takes much longer. Oxygen and ozone saturation level in gel consistency ozone oil is many times higher than that in liquid ozone oil. If we look at the figures, while the oxygen / ozone ratio in the content of liquid ozone oil reaches up to 10% at most, this rate reaches 50% by volume in gel ozone oil. In parallel, while the effect of liquid ozone oil is not long-term, the effect of the gel can continue for more than 12 hours after application to the skin. Benefits of Ozone Oil Ozone oil is very useful for health. It is often used externally, such as an ointment or cream. It is most beneficial for skin and skin problems. Ozone oil acts as an antioxidant. It provides the removal of lactic acid and toxins from the pores in the skin. Apart from these, the other benefits and usage of ozone oil: It helps to regenerate the skin cells. It accelerates the healing of the wounds in the skin. Wait 20 minutes after applying and clean immediately) Helps heal the scars and reduces these scars Protects skin healthMake-up is suitable for cleansing It can be used for wounds in animals, it can be used for sunburn on the skin Can be used for insect bites and stings Can be good for oil gland infections as an armpit deodorant It can be used.It is one of the best natural remedies for hemorrhoids.It can be good for muscle aches (rub and rub on the painful area).
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