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Car seats, Auto rag, Auto, Auto spare parts, Model Car Russia, г. Павловский посад

ABOUT COMPANY Car covers are a fairly popular product among car enthusiasts, since it is this accessory that allows you to keep your car interior clean. Our company was founded in 2012. Our experts choose the most popular and effective models of covers for sewing and present them in our assortment, which is why everyone can buy covers that fit perfectly on your chairs. We are a direct manufacturer of car covers and car accessories, our factories are located in Ivanovo. We offer a large assortment of car covers of our own production for domestic and imported cars made from high quality and modern materials: ECO leather "Arigona", ECO leather + Jacquard, Jacquard. All types of covers from our assortment are sewn in different colors for a specific car model, taking into account the characteristics of the body, shape and number of seats in the cabin. PANDORA-A eco-leather covers are practical and stylish! Feel the comfort that owners of expensive cars enjoy. The main advantages of our covers: The price of the kit includes products for all seats, head restraints included in the vehicle equipment. Ideal installation of model car covers that preserve color and shape in various temperature conditions. Technological openings allow airbags to deploy. The model cover does not block heat when the seat heating function is turned on. Thanks to its special composition, eco-leather has high wear resistance. Luxury cars, such as BMW, Mercedes, Porche, use eco-leather as a seat upholstery. Ecoskin is resistant to moisture, dirt, easy to clean with a damp cloth or sponge, does not need care. Covers from it are unusually durable, serve for a long time, are not afraid of heat and cold. Products from eco-leather “breathe”, look expensive and stylish. The back of a man seated on chairs covered in eco-leather does not sweat. Eco-leather is a high-tech product. Experts attribute it to the most popular material for decorating modern salons. This material has advantages over genuine leather - high hygroscopicity and breathability. We offer our customers: A wide range of car covers. Superior quality and high consumer product features. Affordable price. Modern design and impeccable appearance of products.

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