Питомник растений Смирновых

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Plant nursery Smirnov, Vladimir.

Our small family nursery arose as a hobby that eventually united the whole family.

At present, the basis of our collection is made up of decorative trees, shrubs and perennials (more than 1000 species and varieties in total).

We also grow fruit crops, medicinal herbs and shrubs, aromatic herbs. We grow all our plants in the open ground.

The newly acquired varieties are tested and allowed to reproduce only after several years of acclimatization. Such harsh conditions make it possible to reject intolerant varieties.

We have been distributing seedlings by mail since 1995.

Over the years, several thousand parcels were sent to different regions of Russia from the Arctic Kirovsk to southern Adler and from Kaliningrad in the west to Atlasov in Kamchatka.

We have gained valuable experience in sending plants to different climatic zones. We have developed our methods of plant packaging and have established reliable relations with the post office.

By mail we send plants with an open root system, in place we offer a much larger assortment and, as a rule, in containers (ZKS).

We hope to see you among our regular customers!

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