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Производитель аэрозольной продукции «АЭРО-ПРО»

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Skin care cosmetics, Personal care products, Household chemicals, Chemicals, Chemicals, metallurgy & plastics Russia, Северский район, п. Афипский, ул. Шоссейная 33Б
Russia, Северский район, п. Афипский, ул. Шоссейная 33Б

Aerosol products manufacturer AERO-PRO offers aerosol production under the customer’s trademark. The company has been operating in the Russian market for over 20 years. The list of customers is growing every year both in Russia and abroad.

In the product catalog:

  • air fresheners;
  • aerosol products for home and apartment care;
  • cosmetics;
  • aerosols for clothes and shoes;
  • insect repellents;
  • aerosol technical lubricants, etc.

Full cycle production. The company employs qualified personnel.

We invite wholesale customers to cooperate. We produce products under your brand on time. We guarantee product quality and flexible working conditions, competitive prices. We provide free product samples.

For cooperation and orders, please contact the manager on this page of the exhibition.

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