Maxy Fill Body
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Maxy Fill Body is a body filler, it is a modernized hyaluronic acid of cross technology. The filler is specially designed for volumetric replenishment of soft tissues and body contour. Optimal elasticity and the highest viscosity of MAXYFILL contribute to an excellent body shape. Injection: 14 g or 18 g cannula is recommended.   **Effect: ** * Effect on body contour, skin hydration, breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, hip sculpting. * Useful for buttock volume, chest volume restoration, shape and symmetry.   Maximum volume: easy to model the breasts and buttocks, gives the best volume.   **Duration:**  Gives a long lasting effect with high cohesion of the hyaluronic gel in Maxyfill.   Safety: strict control of endotoxin, microbiology, cortical protein.   It solves the problem of the skin and makes it even more beautiful with pure hyaluronic acid.   Packing: 1 box - 1 pc - 60cc   We ship worldwide at competitive prices.
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