Misfill Plus Diamond
Misfill Plus Diamond
Misfill Plus Diamond
Product description
Misfill Diamond is an ideal lipolytic that promotes a radiant facial contour and a slimming solution that enhances skin elasticity and creates a beautiful v-line.   Improves skin elasticity, makes it smooth. This is ideal for application on the face. It also helps maintain the natural line of the face and prevents skin sagging.   **Use:** anti-cellulite effect, ideal for contouring and shaping the face/body.   ***Advantages:***   - No scarring, redness or pain - Strong effect, thanks to a small amount of product - Fast effect. You can see the effect of a facelift in a week - The product increases elastic fibers and tightens stretched skin to prevent the occurrence of problems at the site of fat loss - Birth of the curves of a natural, fine line of the face   Made in South Korea.    Use is possible only by a qualified doctor.
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