ТОО "Тайынша Сутi"

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ТОО "Тайынша Сутi"
Астана, Kazakhstan
USD 1.71/kg 1.71
Skimmed milk powder 1.5%, TR TS 033 2013, GOST 10970-87. Packaging - kraft bag, weight 20 kg Skimmed milk powder is a product obtained by drying milk. The product is quite convenient and simple in household use for the manufacture of confectionery and bakery products, as well as for animal nutrition. The composition of skimmed milk powder complies with the requirements of TR TS 033 2013, manufactured in accordance with GOST 10970-87. 100 grams of the product contains fat -1.5 g, protein - 32 g, carbohydrates - 50 g, energy value -330 kcal.
ТОО "Тайынша Сутi"
Астана, Kazakhstan
USD 4.15/Ton 4.15
Butter 72.5% fat, GOST 32261-2013, sweet - creamy taste. Packaging - corrugated box, monolith, weight 20 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg - is an environmentally friendly product, production is carried out without any chemical additives and impurities. Natural butter from Kazakhstan.
ТОО "Тайынша Сутi"
Астана, Kazakhstan
USD 9.76/kg 9.76
Сыр плавленый молочный, доля жира 40% , ГОСТ СТ РК 715-95. Упаковка – термостойкая пленка, вес 1 кг производится из натурального сырья, с высокой питательной ценностью, является поставщиком незаменимых для организма человека аминокислот, микроэлементов, белка.
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Meat & Dairy products, Butter, Milk Products, Grocery, Milk powder Kazakhstan, Астана, г.Тайынша, мкр. Северный 7б, Северо-Казахстанская область, Казахстан, 151000

Tayynsha Suti Limited Liability Partnership began its activity in 2005. The main activity is the processing of milk from the population and the production of butter in Kazakhstan. We provide profitable employment in the region to more than 530 households and private farmsteads. Accepted milk undergoes thorough sanitary control and quality control. The most important aspect of our activity is the maximum preservation of the properties of whole milk and the reduction of losses of these properties in further processing. Tayinsha Suti technologists have developed a unique methodology for the processing process, which allows preserving the initial properties of milk and creamy taste without the use of preservatives or flavorings. We have stable indicators for the sale of our products, which means that we have our loyal customer who is confident in the quality and benefits of our products. We are sure that by tasting our products you will also become a connoisseur of the true creamy taste from childhood because we were able to combine modern technology with Soviet standards of quality and production.

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