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House on the water - 59854

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The Flagmanyachts yacht building is engaged in the development of a line of self-propelled houses on the water of the pontoon type FHOUSE for operation in inland waters: rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.

The line consists of three different formats: Comfort - a residential comfortable house on the water, Bussiness - a floating work office and an open beach Party platform for noisy parties and meetings with friends.

The company provides an individual approach to the level of saturation, the necessary equipment and the freedom to choose from several configurations. Thus, you yourself decide which of the additional systems are needed at the moment, and which can be installed later. The interior design is developed by agreement.

All onboard systems are designed not only for parking at the pier, but also for autonomous comfortable sailing. In addition, the installation of renewable power sources for the electrical system (solar panels, wind turbines), as well as the generator set, will make the stay on board FHOUSE as close to home conditions as possible.

The seasonality of house operation on the water is usually due to warm weather conditions, but for those who like to "stretch the season", and even stay on board all year round, the company provides a winter package.

FHOUSE is equipped with a folding platform as standard. It can be successfully used as an area for sunbathing, swimming or a romantic dinner. In the stern there is a mount for an inflatable boat.

All major house bot systems are located in the pontoon's undersolder space. In the same place, in special compartments, you can store various inventory, supplies and even food, which will certainly add coziness and comfort.

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