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Description: The company "Santa Lucia" offers a large selection of sets for creating various jewelry: bracelets, brooches, pendants. Sets will be a wonderful gift for your birthday or March 8th. Low price segment. About the set: Set details are made of felt, which are fastened together with a fishing line and beads. All blanks are cut out, scissors will not be needed in the process. Structure: felt parts beads satin ribbon fishing line instruction.
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Description: Creative cup coasters for young children 3+. The set will be a wonderful gift for March 8, a souvenir or decorative decoration of the interior. Low price segment. About the set: The set is a felt puzzle. We remove the protective film from the EVA blank (self-adhesive) and fasten the felt parts onto it. All blanks are cut out, scissors will not be needed in the process. Structure: EVA blanks felt parts, instruction.
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Open bag on a scooter wheel. Due to the fact that the bag is open, the child can put his favorite toy into it and make an unforgettable trip!   Size: height-19cm, width -18 cm, depth (bottom) -8cm. Mounted on the steering wheel with slings with buckle-adjuster. Inside there is a pocket on a flypaper. The product was created using doublerin (woven cushioning material) to maintain shape, wear resistance and stiffness.   If light dirt appears on the bag, use wet wipes. Hand wash is recommended (at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees). A bag for a scooter wheel is a useful and bright accessory that will make your baby's ride even more convenient. After all, your child will be able to take with him everything you need: your favorite toys, healthy snack, a bottle of water and other accessories!
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Chef's hat and apron for playing the kitchen. A bright, colorful cook costume will really please your children and add inspiration to create imaginary culinary masterpieces.
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Bag Postman, with a bright applique made of felt calico, fastens with a button, inside a pocket for little things. The handbag will become an indispensable assistant not only in everyday life, but also on trips. Bag advantages: * Easy to fold and does not take up much space, * Lightweight, * Made from natural fabrics, * Durable and environmentally friendly, * Durable. Characteristics: Basis Canvas 100% cotton, Decor calico 100% cotton felt 100% polyester, Size 27 cm x 24 cm, Handle Length 118 cm Look at other models of bags of TM SantaLucia https: /slucia.ru/ , choose to your taste!
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Description:   The Tea House is a tabletop accessory for the kitchen that holds tea bags. In the house you can place more than 30 bags, for this just remove the roof. About the set:   The blanks of the house are made of MDF, which are easily connected together. Paint is applied with a sponge. The walls are decorated with designer paper and beer cardboard. The roof is decorated with fabric. Add decorative details - flowers and a bird, which we make from felt blanks. Structure: MDF blanks paint - 2 colors paper, the cloth felt, sponge, glue, instruction.
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Description: A scrapbooking set is an original technique for decorating and decorating unusual photo albums, as well as diaries, notebooks and much more. About the set: The set allows you to make your own photo album, decorating it with original decorative elements. Colored paper is useful for bright applications, numerous blanks from EVA will make the drawings voluminous, the decor from felt will add to the decoration of coziness. Also included is a detailed instruction, but you can come up with your own decor options using materials from the kit. Work with EVA. Eva is a soft material on a pecking basis. Just peel off the back of the film and glue the blank to your desired location. Work with felt . Apply glue to the felt blank. Use a brush (not included) to smooth the adhesive over the entire surface. Let it dry a little. Glue the workpiece to the desired location. For convenience and durability of the product, we recommend using a glue gun. Structure: MDF parts, details from EVA, details from felt, paper, fabric, cardboard cord, buttons bead, rings, double-sided tape, instruction.
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Description: Organizer "Cat" - stand for pens, pencils. Nice desk decoration. About the set: Parts of the kit are made of MDF, which are interconnected using grooves and felt. The product holds its shape perfectly and does not fall apart even without glue. The blank is decorated with EVA self-adhesive material. To glue the eye, you need glue (not included in the kit). All blanks are cut, scissors are not used in the process. The set is easy to assemble, a child of 5 years will cope without the help of parents. Structure: MDF parts, EVA parts, felt parts, eyes instruction
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Santa Lucia - we have been doing creative work for 10 years. And during this time, we learned to update the assortment in time, build long-term relationships with Partners, and look for the new in the familiar. Products for creativity - they are different from us, from MDF blanks to sets for creativity. Its sewing production allows you to take orders for your need. Our designers will help to refine the idea to its implementation.

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