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USD 45.0/pcs 45.0
It is completely hand knitted. It is decorated with hand embroidery motifs. All workmanship is done by hand. It is lined inside. Approximate size: 30x23 cm. It is sent in chain. It is sent mixed. 1 piece price 45usd
USD 1.5/pcs 1.5
It is special hand sewing. 100% cotton 63 wire cloth is used. 35x45 cm baby pillow case It is sent in mixed form. 1 piece price 1.5usd
USD 7.0/pcs 7.0
It is completely handmade. About 45x130 cm It is sent in mixed form. 1 piece price 7 usd
USD 75.04/pcs 75.04
It is completely handmade. 100% natural stone beads are used. It is decorated with metal accessories. It is sent mixed.
USD 5.0/pcs 5.0
It is completely handmade. It is decorated with Miyuki beads and metal accessories are attached. It is magnetic closure. Approximate size is 18 cm.
USD 5.0/pcs 5.0
It is completely handmade. It is handcrafted. It is sent as a mixed package.
USD 5.0/pcs 5.0
It is completely handmade It is knitted by making a special arrangement with sand beads. 18 cm approximate measure
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
100% Cotton 63 wire Baby Linen Set 70x140 h: 20 cm Elastic Bed Sheet 35x45 cm Pillow Case
USD 2.0/pcs 2.0
100% Cotton fabric It has been processed by hand. It measures 30x30 cm. It is sent mixed.
USD 16.0/pcs 16.0
"<p> It is completely hand knitted. </p> <p> It is a special, boutique production. </p> <p> Made using 100% Mercerized Cotton rope </p> <p> 100% Natural </p> <p> Hand wash, <b> Never machine wash and do not iron </b> </p> <p> <b> Hand knitted products are not refundable as they are made on an order basis. </b> </p> <p> Color Code: Gray-21 </p> "
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