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Women's Accessories, Women's belts, Men's accessories, Belts for men, Bags Moldova, Bd. Moscova 15/1, apt 96
Moldova, Bd. Moscova 15/1, apt 96

The Shadi team includes 15 professional artisans. They work each item manually, with care and patience - because this is the only way we can offer the quality that our customers deserve. The Shadi range includes both custom-made accessories and models with individual design or corporate design. Each man can find himself in the Shadi collections: Business, Casual and Vintage. Each collection carefully addresses the style details and integrates them harmoniously into the dynamic rhythm of the person who wears them. You can choose the models that match your personality from the assortment of bags, belts, wallets - all handmade, made of fish leather with an emphasis on what the client wants. SHADI is a symbol of quality, genuine masculine style and exclusivity. All raw materials used in production are by-products of the food industry. NO FISH ARE KILLED PURPOSELY TO GET THEIR SKIN! Fish leather is a unique material. Firstly, it has a high degree of durability. For example, fish leather is several times stronger than other traditional types of leather. Its absorptive capacity is several times lower, so that its resistance is much higher. Secondly, in its raw form it is normally regarded as a waste of the fish processing industry. The processing and the application of the fish leather for clothing, footwear and accessories is an invaluable contribution to the preservation of our environment. We invite offline stores for cooperation .

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