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Sewing production "Elena"

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Children's Clothing, Clothes for school-age children, Kids' sportswear and activewear, Women's clothing, Plus size women's clothing, Women's homewear, High quality women's clothing, Women's sportswear, Women's blouses and shirts, Women's turtlenecks, Women's Vests, Women's overalls, Women's sweaters and jumpers, Women's Sport Suits, Women's sweatshirts, Women's knit garments, Cocktail dresses, Maternity Clothes, Casual dresses, Tunics, Women's T-shirts and Undershirts, Women's suits, Men's clothing, High quality men's clothing, Men's sportswear, Men's Vests, Men's Sweaters, Men's Sweatshirts, Men's T-Shirts Kazakhstan, Алматы, мкр. Кокжиек,48-48
Kazakhstan, Алматы, мкр. Кокжиек,48-48

Sewing production "Elena" is a manufacturer in the market of Kazakhstan and Russia in the field of sportswear tailoring (summer, winter and demi-season). High-quality branded sportswear for all seasons, for the whole family. Sewing production "Elena" is a reliable manufacturer that will offer the widest range and the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Our brand, “Tsener Sport” is already well recognized far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan! We offer you new models developed by our designers under the control of OTC and our customers and tailored professionals. All models are tested for durability and convenience by our end users. We have our own freelance department who test our products! We are ready to answer with our own reputation: sewing production, well-established production, reasonable prices, flexible system of discounts, an individual approach to each contract, strict quality control of products, the availability of specialized sewing equipment, minimum lead times, delivery of goods to all regions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, our own designers, a variety of models offered! SPECIALIZED SEWING EQUIPMENT Sewing production "Elena" exists since 2007. Experience in the wholesale tailoring of sportswear in various directions is very large. Starting from demi-season products, ending with winter clothes. Therefore, in addition to standard equipment for sewing production, we have many specialized sewing machines in our production, which give the product even more beauty and sophistication, and to you, a profitable and easily sold product. SEWING SPEED AND QUALITY Only professionals in their field work in our production. All our employees have been working in the field of tailoring for more than 10 years. Also, they all regularly undergo continuing education training. Our quality control specialists daily check each sewn product, and our technologists work on technology and sewing speed to provide products to the customer in a shorter time.

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