Enameled rectangular copper wire
Product description
Enameled rectangular wire is a winding wire made of oxygen-free copper rods or electrical round aluminum rods drawn or extruded by a certain specification die, and coated with insulating paint many times. Enameled rectangular copper wire can be used alone, or it can be made into enameled glass wire covered wire and other products. It is a material for the manufacture of transformers, motors, generators and coils of various electrical devices. According to different needs, the operating temperature is 120, 130, 155, 180, 200, 220ºC; DC resistance: DC resistance per unit length (R20)≦0.017241Ω mm2/m; electrical performance: at least 4 samples in each sample The breakdown voltage value meets the requirements of the following table, and the breakdown voltage value of one sample is not less than 5% of the value specified in the table below; Adhesion: After the sample is stretched as required, the distance where the paint film loses adhesion should Greater than 1b; Bending: After the sample is bent according to the standard, the paint film should not crack; Self-adhesive: After the sample is treated and cured according to the standard, the tensile force of the bonding surface should be greater than 4.5N/mm2.
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Enameled rectangular copper wire - 68386

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