Marine control cable
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Product number: CKVV,CKJV,CKEV, CKVV80,CKJV80,CKEV80, CKVV90,CKJV90,CKEV90, CKVV82,CKJV82,CKEV82, CKVV92,CKJV92,CKEV92,CKJPJ,CKEPJ, CKJPF,CKEP,JCK80,CKEP90 CKEPF90, CKJPF90, CKJPJ86, CKEPJ86, CKEPF85, CKJPF85, CKJPJ96, CKEPJ96, CKEPF95, CKJPF95   Number of cores, cross-section range: Number of cable cores: 2~37 cores Cable section: 0.5~2.5 mm2   Standards used: IEC 60754, IEC 61034, IEC60331, IEC 60092-376, IEC 60332 1. Rated voltage 250V 2. Long-term allowable working temperature of the cable:     Polyvinyl chloride insulation is 70℃;     Natural styrene butadiene rubber insulation is 70℃;     Cross-linked polyethylene and ethylene-propylene rubber insulation is 90℃;     Silicone rubber insulation is 180°C. 3. See the table below for the allowable bending radius of the cable when laying:     Cable structure characteristics Cable outer diameter Minimum bending inner radius     Metal braided armor type Any value 6D        Non-armoured type D≤25 4D                           D>25 6D 4. The minimum cable laying temperature; PVC sheath is -15℃, others are -20℃.
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Marine control cable - 68376

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Sichuan Aitong Wire & Calbe Inc.
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Deyang, China
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