Paper insulated combined wire
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Product introduction: The combined wire can be composed of 2 or more flat winding wires in a wide-side or narrow-side overlapping arrangement. According to the combination and winding method, it can be divided into flat-stacked, side-by-side and force-stacked; then wrapped with specific insulating materials It is a product designed for the winding of large and medium-sized transformers. It can also be made into semi-hard combined wires. Product performance: 1. Nominal specifications of a single copper wire: side a: 1.0-5.0 side b: 2.0-16.0. 2. Insulation: If the user has no requirements for insulating paper varieties, our company will use DLZ cable paper for wrapping. 3. Withstand voltage: No breakdown between two adjacent single paper-covered wires subjected to a DC 200V voltage test. 4. DC resistance: (1) Soft-state DC resistance: The resistance value (R20) of a single core wire is not more than 0.017241Ω mm2/m. (2) Semi-hard DC resistance: Depending on the hardness, the resistance value (R20) of a single core wire is between 0.017241-0.01777 Ω mm2/m. 5. Resistance imbalance: The resistance imbalance between two adjacent single paper-covered wires is not more than 2%. 6. Nominal hardness value of semi-hard wire: σ0.2 rated value (N/mm2): 120, 150, 180, 200, 220
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Paper insulated combined wire - 68382

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Sichuan Aitong Wire & Calbe Inc.
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Deyang, China
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