Special control cable for shield machine
Product description
This kind of cable has excellent low temperature resistance and abrasion resistance, as well as fatigue resistance and microbial resistance, and has excellent corrosion resistance to oils and chemicals. Reference standard: DIN VDE; Working voltage: 450/750V; Working temperature (fixed installation): -45℃~+110℃; Working temperature (mobile installation): -25℃~+110℃; Minimum bending radius: fixed installation: 4× outer diameter of cable, mobile installation: 5× outer diameter of cable Test AC withstand voltage: ≤0.75mm2 2000V ≥1mm2 3000V Cable structure: Conductor: conform to IEC60228 standard 5;          Insulation: Comply with VDE 0270 Part 20;          Core wire identification: black core wire and white numbers are consecutively numbered, with a yellow and green two-color ground wire;          Shielding: the braid density is not less than 85%.          Sheath: in line with VDE standards.
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Special control cable for shield machine - 68391

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Sichuan Aitong Wire & Calbe Inc.
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Deyang, China
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