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Омск, Russia
USD 2.44 - 3.35/pcs
OMINEREL natural and safe cleaning products will become indispensable helpers in your home! They are completely harmless to children and animals, as they have no unpleasant odor and are easily washed off with water! CAREFULLY REMOVE SPOTS FROM CLOTHES FROM ANY FABRIC OMINEREL Express Cleanser quickly and safely removes such stains from chocolate, tea, coffee, vegetable oil, ketchup, red wine, sauces, traces of berries, blood, green stains and much more. REMOVES COMPLEX SPOTS FROM CARPET, PLASTIC AND UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE OMINEREL cleaner, thanks to its formula, easily copes with stubborn stains on your furniture and gives a fresh look without harming the surface being cleaned in just a few minutes! CLEANS THE CAR INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OMINEREL Express Cleaning removes dirt from upholstery, grease, stains of various origin, nicotine deposits, etc. Effectively and quickly removes dirt around engine parts, soot, engine oil, easily removes tar, poplar, traces of midges and much more . < EFFECTIVE ASSISTANT ON KITCHEN AND BATHROOM Effectively removes all types of old dirt and soot. Removes limescale and rust. Softens and exfoliates caked dirt on the stove and in the oven. Does not leave soapy stains and chemical smell. It does not contain harmful solvents and is completely safe for people and animals.
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Консерванты, Flour & Grains, Macaroni, Paints & varnishes, Household chemicals, Soap and detergent, Household products, Packing products Russia, Омск, Омск, 22 Партсъезда, 51Б

Wholesale company: we supply agricultural products, household and professional chemicals, construction chemicals, household goods. We work all over Russia and abroad. We work by Bank transfer.

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