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Russia, Ижевск, Дзержинского, 71а

A light guide is an anti-aircraft flashlight with a light guide shaft that allows light to be transported through floors and walls. Installation is possible not only on the roof of the building, but also on the wall, if necessary. The use of our systems will inevitably lead to:
-to reduce the cost of electric lighting in the daytime, industrial, public, office sites, up to 70%;
- to the exclusion of heat influx in the summer, and in the winter, heat loss, which significantly affects the costs associated with the microclimate of the premises;
-observance of sanitary and hygienic standards of working areas;
- the formation of a favorable light environment that increases the efficiency and stress resistance of working personnel;
- Solving problems with natural light in rooms located in the back of the building;

In addition to light guides, the company is actively promoting light-aeration lights for agriculture, which allow eliminating condensation at the facilities, excessive humidity, providing the necessary movement of air masses, and also eliminating the use of electric lighting in the daytime!

Often, on industrial and public sites, in addition to natural lighting, natural ventilation is required, as well as smoke removal in case of fire. For these tasks, the “F100 Shell” smoke exhaust hatch is excellent, which fulfills all the requirements of GOST R 53301-2013.

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