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SP-oborudovanie, г.Москва

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Machinery, Industrial parts & tools, Food & agro machinery, equipment, Retail Store Equipments, Metal Structures Russia, 1-й Нагатинский пр
Russia, 1-й Нагатинский пр

The company Sp - oborudovanie has been operating since 1996. During this period, more than 8257 different types of trade equipment were successfully completed, namely: shop windows, shelves, trade pavilions, counters, whose orders were sent to different parts of Russia.
For 20 years, there was no limit to improvement on the market. We use only modern materials with various types of decorations. Work is carried out on imported equipment, guaranteeing quality and durability.
The office and production workshop are geographically located in the city of Moscow, which affects the minimization of the cost of goods.
Our company employees have tremendous experience in working with commercial equipment. The desired trading equipment is completed in the shortest possible time. You do not need to spend a lot of time on the technical characteristics and appearance of the furniture. The finished layout will be completed from 2 days, later the final project is made together with the customer, taking into account all your wishes.
Our network customers are: “YOTA”, “Crossroads”, “Red Cube”, franchising “MTS”, “Beeline”, “Megafon”, “Tele2”.

The company "Sp - oborudovanie" is open from 9:00 to 20:00 on weekdays. Weekends: Saturday and Sunday.

Prepayment for commercial equipment is 70% of the cost, by bank transfer. Then there are two options for the final calculation.
1) the remaining 30% is paid within three days after the installation (assembly) of equipment and the signing of the Acceptance Certificate.
2) the remaining 30% is paid two days before the shipment (shipment) of equipment to the regions of Russia.
Delivery is carried out in Moscow and all of Russia. Delivery in Moscow - from 2990 rubles. For orders of 110,000 or more, delivery in Moscow is free. Delivery to the Moscow region is carried out on a contractual basis.
Assembly and installation of commercial furniture at the customer’s site in Moscow - 15% of the cost of equipment.
Assembly and installation of commercial furniture at the customer’s site in the region - from 15% to 20% of the cost of equipment.
Pickup is possible on a contractual basis.
The assembly of commercial equipment in our warehouse from 8% of the cost, you can pick it yourself in the most assembled form for transportation

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