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For those who send out promotional materials - brochures, catalogs or magazines - we offer full-color and pantone printing on envelopes of any size! Nicely designed envelope is a pleasure to receive and open! Be sure - your information will reach the recipient! Branded envelopes are envelopes containing the symbols of your organization: logo, name, requisites, slogan, etc. It is impossible to imagine modern mailing list without branded envelopes. Mailing in company envelopes gives the impression of a well-thought-out and prepared advertising campaign. Therefore, it increases its chances of success! Common envelope formats Possible colorfulness 110x220 mm (euro) 162x229 mm (A5) 229x324 mm (A4) 4 + 0 ( full-color printing) 1 + 0 (printing in one color) Pantone printing in one or several colors and any other at your request
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