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USD 13.71/pcs 13.71
House woodcarving from the craftsmen of the Stavros company is an elegant decoration for buildings. Such decorative elements adorn the interior decoration of houses, emphasize the peculiarity of the style. They are produced using selected varieties of natural wood and classic techniques of hand-carving.
USD 106.39/pcs 106.39
Graceful decorative carved window frames allow you to give any home an incredibly stylish look. Platbands are made of natural wood, cut by craftsmen by hand. Finished products will make the building exquisite and exclusive, add a special charm. They well emphasize the original style of classic wooden cottages, make it possible to decorate buildings in accordance with the spirit of a certain era. House woodcarving from the Stavros workshop is a surprisingly stylish and exclusive decorative element designed to emphasize and complement the exterior of a private houses. Carved ornaments are made of natural wood by hand. Each element of the carved decor is exclusive and original in its own way, fits perfectly into the classic exterior of the building.
USD 6.66 - 8.65/pcs
Carved balusters made of high-quality natural wood will gracefully complement the style of any staircase, giving it a complete look and its own unique charm. Such carved balusters have an incredibly beautiful appearance and unique characteristics. Natural wood is handcrafted and looks amazingly stylish. Materials: oak, beech
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Production of decor from wood, polyurethane and wood paste for furniture and interiors.

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