Stellare Group Limited

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USD 2000.0 - 2200.0/L
Coses Chocolate Butter Substitute - P47
USD 2.9 - 3.4/L
Margarine based on vegetable oils with a pronounced aroma and butter flavor.
USD 4.2 - 4.6/L
ZMZh Wherever the production recipe contains components butter or milk fat, you can replace Stellari with our ZMZH. Partially or completely.
USD 4.2 - 4.6/L
Cheese is perfect for making pizzas.
USD 2.39 - 3.7/L
Manufacturing New Zealand. The highest quality with new technologies. New Zealand production
USD 4.2 - 4.6/L
Scope of application includes -Bakery products -Cakes -Biscuits and biscuits -Candy / Ice cream -Products made from yeast dough -Creams and frostings, both sweet and not sweet - Sauces - Gluten-free products < / p> - Mixtures of butter and vegetable oil - Pastes
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Stellare Group Limited is registered and conducts its business activities from the city of Auckland (New Zealand).

We offer a completely unique product on the market: a full-fledged analogue of butter with identical properties - Stellare oil. This oil is much cheaper than the usual cream, does not contain hydrogenated fats, extends the shelf life of finished products, provides increased resistance of the finished product to freezing and thawing, improves the smell and taste of unsweetened pastries. It can be used as a 100% replacement, or as part of a mixture with butter in any proportion required for labeling. We are sure you will appreciate all the amazing benefits of Stellare!

We also offer ZMZH, milk powder. mozzarella cheese.

We have been partners of companies for more than 25 years: Fonterra, Westland, Open Country, Grain Corp - world market leaders in the production of raw materials and components for the dairy industry.
We are engaged in the supply of products to China, Malaysia, Africa. Products are delivered directly from the manufacturer’s warehouses to any port in the world convenient for the buyer.

We are confident that direct cooperation with the supplier company (New Zealand) will help to avoid increasing the cost of purchasing prices for raw materials and will make it possible to purchase our high-quality goods at the best prices.

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