Stevioside Crystal 50 g
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Now about the bitter aftertaste of stevioside, which many consumers complained about, you can forget. Stevioside "CRYSTAL" was created using a unique technology, which provides for the enzymatic treatment of stevia extract by intermolecular trans - glycosation. This technology, unlike chemical processing, makes it possible to produce high-quality sweetener with guaranteed biological safety. Crystal stevioside in terms of sweetness exceeds the sweetness of ordinary sugar by 100-150 times. And the calorie content is practically equal to zero. These properties provide an excellent opportunity to use it as a natural sweetener, to reduce the calorie content of daily nutrition, in various diets for weight loss. Stevioside is recommended when choosing a sugar substitute for patients with diabetes mellitus, since during the assimilation of it in the body there is no additional secretion of insulin. With prolonged use of stevioside, in most cases there is a gradual correction of the level of glucose in the blood towards a decrease. It is recommended for purchase by supporters of a healthy lifestyle, those who follow their figure and limit calorie intake.
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Stevioside Crystal 50 g - 46759

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Supply ability: 10000 pcs/per month

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