Block production line SUMAB R 1500
Block production line SUMAB R 1500
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*All of our products are made with care and covered with 2 years warranty! *Fast installation and FREE operator training   With a stationary machine SUMAB R-1500 you can produce the following products: Empty blocks Curbstones Paving stone Tiled stone Capacity (per shift): Paving stone (10x20x6 cm) – 2000-2600 m2 Hollow block (20x20x40 cm) – 23000 pieces Curbstone – 2800-4000 pieces depending on the size of the curbstones, without or with face mix. Pallet size max: 1400x1100 mm. Useful area max: 1300x1050 mm. If you choose the fully automatic block machine, you will receive an Internet modem as a gift!
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Block production line SUMAB R 1500 - 64271

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