We buy women's clothing for further sales


We sell products on Wildberries, LaModa and Ozon Marketplace, as well as through our own network of wholesale buyers throughout Russia. The plans include access to international sites: Amazon and EBay.


We work in the Economy, Medium, Medium + segment. The cost of goods is up to 3500 ₽.


Assortment: cocktail and evening dresses, tops, skirts, blouses, costumes, etc.


Financial performance


Turnover for 2019 amounted to 27,000,000 ₽.

In 2020, even taking into account the introduction of a self-isolation regime, it was possible to maintain high sales rates. From June 1 to June 26 received:

  • orders for 7 500 000 ₽, 2950 pieces;
  • sales of 3,400,000 ₽, 1269 units.


The overall conversion to sale amounted to 43%. This is a high indicator in the clothing segment.


Note: all the indicated information is current and can be documented.




As of June 2020, we are cooperating with four suppliers on a deferred payment system.


Attracting new partners


It was decided to increase the number of suppliers who are ready to provide goods for sale. We are looking for up to 10 new manufacturers.


Supplier Requirement:

  1. Modern assortment;
  2. Medium / high quality tailoring;
  3. The minimum quantity per 1 SKU (1 model, 1 color) is 30 units;
  4. Minimum lot of 300 units;
  5. The cost of goods for sale is up to 1,500 ₽.


General product requirements:

  • Do not stick threads on the product;
  • High quality fittings (buttons, zippers, buttons);
  • Buttons are sewn qualitatively;
  • The maximum percentage of rejects per batch is up to 7%.


Start of cooperation:

  1. We are waiting for your price list with prices and photos (it is possible to have a model and price for vatsap);
  2. In case of approval, we conclude a contract;
  3. Send the goods to Moscow;
  4. We accept, tag, ship;
  5. Report and payment 2 times a month.



100% guarantee of the sale of your goods! We do not ship the goods back. We stipulate in the contract that if the goods cannot be sold in 6 months, we redeem the entire batch at the price specified in the contract.


Ready to work through a secure transaction through the QooVee platform.


All additional information is provided in person.


Leave your applications! We look forward to collaborating!

Price is negotiable
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