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We are interested in tailoring young women's dresses (attached photo examples). We are currently placing orders in China. In connection with the increase in procurement, we consider other manufacturers. We plan to visit Bishkek from February 25-29. There will be three full days, from 26-28, for visiting factories. We are waiting for your invitation to visit the production.(Please contact the administration of for meeting organization (+971 529 533 246 WhatsApp) Interested in the price of tailoring, taking into account the fabric of 300-650 rubles per unit. When ordering from 300 pieces for one model, one color. Order example: Model A in two colors: black and pink in 42 and 44 sizes. Then the minimum order will look as follows. Model "A": Black color - 42 size 150 pcs., 44 size 150 pcs.; Pink color - 42 size 150 pcs., 44 size 150 pcs. In the future, if the model sells well, we regularly order a replay. Important: we check the quality of tailoring! Compliance with symmetry, the quality of lightning and other accessories, smooth seams, marriage to fabrics, protruding threads, etc. We work as follows: 1. Send a photo of the dress that we plan to sew 2. We pay for the development of the model (by agreement) 3. We are waiting for a sample in size 42 4. We measure, look, make amendments (if necessary). In case there are amendments, we are waiting for the final sample again. 5. We make about 30% prepayment for a batch (by agreement) 6. We place the minimum trial order in 42-44 sizes (one model - 300 pieces. Perhaps in several colors at once. In this case, one model is 600 pieces or more) 7. We receive, check the quality (regarding the quality I wrote above). If everything is according to the statement of work (as a sample), we pay the balance. If it does not meet the quality, we do not accept. 8. If the model sells well - place a reorder, add the size line and colors. Production requirements: 1. The designer in the state; 2. Technologist on staff; 3. From 40-50 seamstresses in the state. P.S. We are looking for reliable manufacturers with whom we plan to work on an ongoing basis! Some options for photo models that we plan to order in the attachment. We expect from you an approximate price of tailoring, taking into account the fabric. Thank you for attention!

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