We buy seafood: Char N / R, Pink salmon N / R, Pink salmon PBG, Pink salmon PSG, Squid tentacles, Squid DV, DV peeled squid, DV carcass squid, DV Minced meat, Pacific squid, Pacific squid peeled, Pacific Pacific squid, Minced meat,

Squid Commander / whole 2020,

Squid Commander's carcass,

Cleared Commander Squid,

Squid Commander's Minced Meat,

Peeled raw-frozen squid tentacles.

Kamchatka Crab Claws all sizes,

Kamchatka crab fist,

Phalanx Peeled Kamchatka Crab,

Phalanx of Kamchatka crab n / h,

Kamchatka crab meat,

Strigun's Claws,

Phalanx of the Strigun,

Hairy crab,

Mussel fillet w / m,

Mussel sash i / m,

Oyster fold s / m,

Live oyster,

Oyster on s / m sash,

Scallop Primorskiy Wild Blocky,

Seaside scallop block / piece (large),

Scallop Primorsky Unit frozen,

Scallop on the Dikiy Primorskiy half-fold,


Botan Large,

Flounder B / G yellow-bellied sea glaze 30+,

Flounder B / G yellow-tipped sea-glazed SS,

Flounder B / G northern two-line,

Flounder B / G northern halibut,

Flounder N / R white-bellied M 1/15/30 ice cream. eye. (bag),

Chum salmon PBG,

Coho salmon BG,

Asian smelt toothy n / a sea glaze 25 + (bag),

Kunja N / R,

Pollock B / G 25+ M (bag),

Pollock B / G 30+ L (bag),

Pollock B / G 35+ 2L (bag),

Red salmon PBG (sea gl.) 1/10/20,

Herring t / o s / m 300+,

Salmon s / g Premium Chile,

Mackerel n / a s / m 300-500,

Mackerel s / m 1/20 200-400,

Terpug Kurilskiy N / R 600+ 1/11/22,

Cod mince 1/1 / 10kg,

Chum fillet (on the skin) 1/7/21 (box),

Fillet of coho salmon (on the skin) box 1/7/21,

Pollock fillet s / m fas. 1/1/21,

Fillet of Pangasius VN 239 Vietnam 1 / 10kg,

Trout b / g 4-6 lbs / pc (1.8-2.7) Premium Chile 1/25,

Chum salmon caviar 1 / 12kg,

Sockeye caviar 1 / 12kg, Crab sticks 1/35 200g, Crab sticks 1/60 100g, Crab meat 1/30 200g, Vannamey shrimp fas. 1.8kg, b / g in shell, 21/25 pcs / lb, s / m 1 / 6pcs (n),

Royal shrimp 40/60 wt. 1 / 5kg (H),

Red shrimp / langoustine with / g in shell,

Red shrimp / langoustine fas. s / m B / G,

Northern shrimp 1 / 5kg s / m n / a, 150/180 pcs / kg,

Northern shrimp 1 / 5kg s / m n / a, 90/120 pcs / kg,

Northern shrimp 1 / 5kg s / m n / a, 90+, 14%,

Shrimp Northern fas. 0.75kg, s / m s / g, 90+ 1 / 10pcs, That's a little of what we are ready to buy IN LARGE VOLUMES!

The volume of purchases of 200 tons per month is a mandatory minimum, which will be introduced at the end of June.

(translated from Russian)

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