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Inquiry. Search for partners. Purchase of 100% natural frozen. Opt. St. Petersburg. Hello! A trade organization from St. Petersburg, is looking for cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers of various frozen products, to form an assortment of completely frozen products store. And on the basis of this, we would like to request a commercial offer to get acquainted with the pricing policy of the enterprise and the breadth of the matrix of produced and offered goods. I would like to note that we are just starting the launch of this project and in this regard, special attention and priority is projected on companies that are capable of providing a whole range of necessary services, both for the possibility of successful sale of the offered goods, and for the rapid development of a Retail-chain of a unique product format across the Russian Federation. From the spectrum, we highlight such advantages as providing: display and warehouse freezing equipment, flexible system of discounts for different groups of goods, deferred payments for 14-30 calendar days, delivery of orders to the store without additional costs, the possibility of returning illiquid assets and delays, samples for tastings in the store, POS materials and competent design of points of sale, resources for joint promotions / advertising campaigns, and other drivers capable of accelerating the development of the Retail network. _ In addition to support, the most important criterion for selecting manufacturers and suppliers for us is the factor of naturalness and environmental friendliness of the composition of the products offered. And based on this, for future purchases in stores, we consider only products entirely and completely with natural ingredients, excluding any artificial additives in the composition, both with their obligatory indication on the packaging and in the case of optional labeling for the consumer. The focus is aimed at manufacturers who do not use food chemistry everywhere in their production and can really guarantee 100% naturalness of the manufactured / offered product. Products that do not contain: GMOs, various stabilizers, enhancers (E621), preservatives, dyes, substitutes, soy, skins, offal and other inappropriate additives and components. _ There is interest in the entire line of products: any mono-products, semi-finished products, ready-made meals, confectionery, bakery products, and more. A special priority and emphasis is directed to frozen ready-to-cook and semi-prepared meals, to products of a high degree of readiness, as well as to any novelties, exclusives and unique products that are not yet presented in mass markets, are not “seized” by customers and are able to stand out among competitors in this segment. To form the matrix, both weight and packaged products in consumer packaging are considered. The volume of the purchase is from 100 kg to 2000 tons. 1-2 times a week. If the company really has products in its arsenal, and, if possible, conditions of a similar nature, then we would be very grateful for feedback and a prompt response, with price lists and a full commercial proposal supported in the letter. Best regards, Albert Talgatovich.   (translated from russian)    

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