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Худжанд, Tajikistan Price is negotiable Any period

Dear colleagues! as part of the development of distribution in the capital city of Kazakhstan, the city of Nur-Sultan (Astana), we are considering proposals for permanent cooperation with manufacturers of the following products: 1) refined sunflower oil (of the highest and premium class) The oil should be packed in PET bottles of 0.8 or 1 liter, 2 liters, 5 liters under our brand (we will provide label design). The volume for the beginning is 1 truck (that is, 60 tons, covered carriage. The potential for growth is up to 10 trucks per month. 2) granulated sugar: in bags of 25 and 50 kg, 1-2 wagons per month with a growth potential of up to 5-7 wagons, delivery by rail, covered wagon. 3) wheat flour (premium and first grade): 1 wagon per month, covered, 60-70 tons. The growth potential is 5-7 wagons per month. 4) rice (premium and first grade): half-car, 30 tons per month with the potential for growth up to 3 cars 5) buckwheat half-car, 30 tons per month with the potential for growth up to 3 cars Delivery address: Sorokovaya station, Astana (Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan We ask you to send us a price list for your products. We also ask you to send us any quality / certification information you can at this stage, so that we can determine the need for certification in Kazakhstan. It is preferable to have certificates of conformity with the requirements of the Customs Union (Eurasian Economic Community) for all products. Briefly about us: Our company is a distributor of "Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers" in Nur-Sultan, with trademarks Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc. in Nur-Sultan since 2018. An active client base of over 1,200 retail stores, including supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, cafes, restaurants and hotels. All operations are carried out in a class A warehouse using our own fleet of 25 vehicles. Thank you in advance! Murat Myktybaev   (translated from russian)

Астана, Kazakhstan Price is negotiable Any period
Туймазы, Russia Price is negotiable Any period
Самара, Russia Price is negotiable Any period
Бельцы, Moldova Price is negotiable Any period
Москва, Russia Price is negotiable Any period

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