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Tianjin Bojian Curtain Wall Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Construction Materials, Construction stones, Glass and glass products, Ceramic tiles, Facade decoration, Pipes, Doors and windows, Metallurgy, Metal Structures China, China,Tianjin,Xiqing district, Xinke Road, Xinkeyuan
China, China,Tianjin,Xiqing district, Xinke Road, Xinkeyuan

Tianjin Bojian Curtain Wall Decoration Co., Ltd Our company is located in Tianjin, China. We specialize in the production of wall panels, design of building facades, construction management, the company can provide any technical support related to the construction of the facade of the building. We also provide free cost consulting services.

The company employs a first-class construction division with 18 employees. The company was founded in 2010, has ten years of experience in the curtain wall industry, provides curtain wall management services for construction companies. We have many cooperation projects with large real estate companies, we have Chinese, European and American curtain wall systems technology.

We have a wide range of panels for curtain wall systems such as sight glass (or double or triple glazing, can include low emission coatings, reflective coatings, etc.), sprandrel glass (invisible), aluminum panels, aluminum. composite panels and panels of other materials, stone or brick veneer, terracotta panels, fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), blinds or vents. For advice on curtain wall design, curtain wall cost and curtain wall management services, please contact us.

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