Tik trikotaj - Women's knitwear

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USD 6.86/pcs 6.86
Красивая моделька, подойдёт на все случаи жизни, просто выйти на прогулку или сходить на какое то важное мероприятие, в этой кофте вы всегда будете выглядеть эффектно)
USD 13.72/pcs 13.72
Very soft yarn, quite warm, while not hot in the room, luxury quality)
USD 9.91/pcs 9.91
The sweater is very warm and cozy, our new model is knitted from an absolutely new quality of yarn, Riga yarn, luxury quality
USD 18.29/pcs 18.29
Детский плед высокого качества. Размер стандарт 1х1. 
USD 9.91/pcs 9.91
Кофта Милана. Качество люкс. Хит сезона. Размер 44-48. 
USD 12.2/pcs 12.2
Кофта Лиля. Качество люкс. Размер 48-52. 
USD 19.82/pcs 19.82
Elsa female costume. Luxury quality. Size 46-48.
USD 12.96/pcs 12.96
Кофта Альмира качество люкс. Размер единый 48-54. 
USD 12.96/pcs 12.96
Women's sweatshirt Bela. Luxury quality. Single size 48-56.
USD 16.77/pcs 16.77
Кардиган Лало. Качество люкс. Размер 44-48. 
USD 15.24/pcs 15.24
Женское трикотажное платье. Качество люкс. Размеры 44-48. Молодёжная. Подбор длины. 
USD 18.29/pcs 18.29
Кардиган женский, трикотажный. Качество пряжи люкс. Размер единый 48-56. 
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Our factory is engaged in the production of women's luxury knitwear. We have been in this field since 2006 and to this day we are successfully engaged in the production of women's outerwear, cardigans, suits, sweaters, sweaters, etc. With no small experience behind us, we have developed our own, unique style of clothing. Over the years, we have successfully mastered foreign markets (Canada, Germany). Quality guarantee with us 100%. Wide range of yarn colors and qualities. There is an opportunity to maneuver in prices depending on the quality of the yarn. Our main assortment consists of: women's knitted cardigan, knitted suit, knitted jacket, etc. We have our own wholesale warehouse. Sending to the regions by air, railway, transport companies, mail, courier delivery, as well as self-pickup. For all questions, please call. Teak jersey - you and beauty!

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